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Azuro and Chiliz Working Together to Boost Adoption of Onchain Sport Prediction Markets

Azuro and Chiliz Working Together to Boost Adoption of Onchain Sport Prediction Markets

Lisbon, Portugal, May 9th, 2024, Chainwire

Azuro, the leading liquidity layer for onchain predictions, and Chiliz, the world’s premier sports and entertainment blockchain, are partnering up to accelerate the adoption of onchain sport prediction markets. These efforts will allow millions of fans worldwide to further support and cheer for their favorite teams and athletes through fair and transparent prediction apps.

Chiliz Chain is renowned for its blockchain solutions that transform fan engagement in sports through features like fan tokens and interactive engagement platforms. Through its flagship venture Socios.com, the network has expanded significantly to support more than 80 sport-related fan tokens and 2M+ ecosystem users. Team-specific fan tokens for the best football clubs, including FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, and many more, are all currently supported by Chiliz Chain through Socios.

The network leverages a Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm which allows smart contract developers, validators, stakers, and other stakeholders to actively interact with the chain. Chiliz Chain is built to power sports and entertainment applications with a focus on brand IP and project use-case integrity.

For Chiliz, partnering with Azuro represents a step toward tapping into the rapidly growing onchain prediction markets by the hand of the de facto infrastructure layer for sports prediction applications across EVM chains. Its innovative liquidity pool design, advanced tooling and oracle solutions allow apps to launch without upfront investment or running costs, enabling them to focus entirely on user acquisition, engagement and monetization from minute one.

Azuro’s robust platform, currently supports over 25 active applications with transaction volumes surpassing $290 million, offers an ideal environment for Chiliz to expand its offerings in the sports and entertainment sectors.

As part of this collaboration, Chiliz will be integrated into the Azuro Protocol, adding to the existing supported chains such as Polygon and Gnosis Chain. This integration will enable Chiliz to expand its reach within sports-focused prediction applications. New and existing builders relying on Azuro infrastructure will be able to connect their apps to the Chiliz Chain and allow their users to place…

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