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Solana Presale ‘Mega Dice Token’ Raises $1M After Announcing an Airdrop Campaign and Reward Scheme

Solana Presale 'Mega Dice Token' Raises $1M After Announcing an Airdrop Campaign and Reward Scheme

London, United Kingdom, May 15th, 2024, Chainwire

The presale of Mega Dice Token (DICE), a new GameFi project, passed the $1 million funding milestone earlier today.

Mega Dice Token Presale Structure and DICE Tokenomics

Mega Dice Token presale allows investors to purchase DICE tokens before their upcoming launch on the open market. Mega Dice’s team has opted to structure the presale into “stages,” with each stage offering DICE tokens at a different price.

To participate, investors must connect a wallet to Mega Dice Token’s presale dashboard and swap SOL, ETH, or BNB for DICE. Once the presale ends, the purchased DICE tokens will be distributed directly to investors’ connected wallets.

When it comes to the project’s tokenomics, it’s worth noting that an allocation of 147 million DICE has been set aside for presale buyers – representing 35% of the total supply. A further 63 million DICE, accounting for 15% of the supply, will be deployed to provide liquidity once the token is listed on a DEX.

DICE Token Powers Mega Dice’s Rewards & Benefits System

DICE is the native token of the Mega Dice online casino platform. While Mega Dice is already an established casino brand, the introduction of DICE is designed to take the experience to an augmented level.

A key draw of DICE is the opportunity for token holders to earn daily rewards based on the casino’s performance: by staking their DICE tokens, holders receive a portion of the casino’s profits.

The team has structured the reward scheme this way with the aim of allowing the community to benefit from the potential growth of Mega Dice’s platform over the long term.

As outlined in the project’s whitepaper, DICE holders also gain access to exclusive rewards, bonuses, and limited-edition NFTs. In addition to this, DICE holders will also be able to use their tokens to get engaged with the casino platform.

Lastly, an upcoming referral program will allow token holders to earn a 25% revenue share for any new players they bring on board.

$2.25M Airdrop Campaign Drives Community Growth

Adding to the interest around DICE is the $2.25 million airdrop campaign that the development team has planned for active casino players which details have been clearly outlined on the token presale page.

This airdrop will be split across three seasons, each distributing $750,000 worth of DICE…

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