Monday, 17 June 2024

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Crypto gambling — how does the future of secure gambling look?

Vega launches derivatives market for crypto points, starting with EigenLayer

Online gambling is a huge part of the casino world, but there is a small percentage of players who worry about its security — welcome, cryptocurrency casinos. It’s 2024, and although crypto casinos are nothing new, there is a wide range of some of the huge household names now utilizing this form of payment to stay ahead. It used to be that security processes were a major block for many players online, as when you gamble online you are putting your data, funds, and personal information in the hands of the online casino. Luckily, we’re in a new era of technology and the security methods that these brands now use are second to none. 

 If we were to look at the history of online casinos, we would see that traditional platforms struggled to build robust security methods, which left players susceptible to fraud and hackers. However, that fear is one of the past, as all online casinos that are worth playing on have to be regulated and in turn, adopt a fortress-like level of security. It not only puts you as the player in safe hands but offers up a new way of using decentralized funds, that are transparent and completely controlled by you. We’re going to be taking a look at how one of the safest forms of online gambling is evolving, and what measures shape where it’s got to today. Ever worried about online casinos before? Well, you won’t now! 

 Blockchain — what is it?


If you were looking for one advancement to thank in this evolving secure digital landscape, then it would most definitely be blockchain. Although to many it sounds unmeasurably confusing, it’s a piece of technology that works wonders in online gambling. Blockchain is a decentralized digital piece of technology that acts as a record sheet for transactions. It is a secure, transparent piece of tech that, in summary, is a digital ledger/database. It stores the transactions in things called blocks, which are then linked by a chain… sounds obvious, right?

 Each and every block that is formed on this digital ledger then contains an individual yet unique cryptographic node that cannot be modified as the chain goes on. Therefore, in summary, as the chain progresses, it becomes inevitably stronger and unable to be hacked or tampered with. It’s also getting more valuable all the time.

 It is the undisputed heavyweight in all security processes and stands as the…

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