Monday, 17 June 2024

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As OpenAI and Google both reveal major AI updates, launches AI-powered L2 blockchain for enterprises

As OpenAI and Google both reveal major AI updates, launches AI-powered L2 blockchain for enterprises

  • OpenAI revealed a major update to its large language model this week with the launch of ChatGPT-4o
  • Google confirmed the launch of Gemini for Workspace, integrating its AI model into Google’s enterprise suite
  • launched an AI-powered layer 2 blockchain for enterprises

AI announcements have come thick and fast this week, with Google and OpenAI going head-to-head as both corporations launched major updates to their artificial intelligence offerings, while AI-powered crypto platform,, confirmed the launch of its layer 2 blockchain for enterprises. 

AI steals the show at I/O 2024

Artificial intelligence was quite literally the name of the game at I/O 2024 this week, Google’s annual tech conference where new and upcoming launches are showcased.

The search engine not only revealed the expansion of its rollout for Gemini for Workspace, but also showcased an enterprise-grade update to Gemini Advanced, which enables businesses to connect their Google Drive to Gemini in order to analyze data, populate spreadsheets and build charts. A new AI assistant project codenamed ‘Project Astra’ was also revealed. 

OpenAI stealing Google’s thunder?

Sam Altman’s OpenAI had its own launch event this week, apparently timed to coincide with Google’s I/O 2024 conference in a bid to steal the search giant’s thunder. 

OpenAI revealed the launch of its new AI model at this event, named ChatGPT-4o, which is much more powerful than previous AI models and will also be available to all users, both free and paid. finally confirms AI-powered L2 rumors

The rumors about working on its own blockchain, which have been circulating within the crypto community for several weeks, were also finally confirmed this week. The team has officially announced their new L2 platform, Entropy, designed to become “the ultimate B2B enterprise and business-ready layer for the future.” 

While comprehensive details on the technological aspects are yet to be disclosed, industry insiders are suggesting’s new Entropy blockchain will transcend conventional L2 solutions by incorporating AI technologies that can accelerate the widespread adoption of Web3 and blockchain. 

What we do know so far is that intends for Entropy to serve as the foundation of an AI-powered ecosystem for the settlement layer of the future, and…

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