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AIGOLD Goes Live, Introducing the First Gold Backed Crypto Project

AIGOLD Goes Live, Introducing the First Gold Backed Crypto Project

George Town, Cayman Islands, May 8th, 2024, Chainwire

AIGOLD is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative cryptocurrency project. This groundbreaking initiative integrates artificial intelligence with the enduring value of gold, aiming to redefine the landscape of digital assets. The presale phase of AIGOLD is currently underway, with early access available at aigold.io.

AIGOLD: Pioneering Gold Integration in Cryptocurrency with Enhanced Security and Market Stability

AIGOLD is aiming to lead the integration of gold into the cryptocurrency sector, enhancing security and stability for those engaged in trading. The platform’s design includes dedicating a portion of the proceeds from the presale of AIG (AIGOLD) tokens to acquire PAXG tokens. PAXG tokens are backed by physical gold, each representing one fine troy ounce stored in LBMA-certified vaults in London. At launch, the liquidity pool, underpinned by over one million dollars in PAXG, will be securely locked and aligned with gold price movement

The initial presale price for AIGOLD is set at $0.0035 per token and the project underwent comprehensive audits from Cyberscope and is currently being audited by CertiK, underscore AIGOLD’s commitment to security and transparency. As the market trends towards gold-backed assets, AIGOLD is looking to offer a unique platform that not only secures value but also rewards participants with gold, enhancing their participation in the evolving digital economy.

AIGOLD: Leading Sustainable Digital Finance with Strategic Tokenomics

AIGOLD team’s innovative tokenomics structure is crafted to foster growth and establish a solid foundation for its next developmental phase. This structure, along with a strategic tax model, is aimed at enhancing the benefits for participants in the ecosystem. By reinvesting 2% of every transaction back into the liquidity pool, AIGOLD looks to ensure a dynamic and well-supported trading environment. Additionally, a designated marketing allocation aims at keeping AIGOLD prominent in the marketplace, driving ongoing visibility and engagement. The team sees the self-sustaining approach as marking a notable evolution in the cryptocurrency arena, positioning AIGOLD as a leader in sustainable digital finance practices.

AIGOLD: Empowering Future Financial Landscapes with Innovative Rewards and Stability

AIGOLD’s ecosystem…

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