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Bitget Lists ZKfair (ZKF) – Community Owned Layer 2 in its Innovation Zone

Bitget Lists ZKfair (ZKF) - Community Owned Layer 2 in its Innovation Zone

Victoria, Seychelles, January 4th, 2024, Chainwire

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company has announced ZKfair’s native token ZKF as the latest addition to its new token offerings in the Innovation Zone. The community-run ZKfair is listed in the Layer 2 Innovation Zone through which users can trade the token on the Bitget platform. Users can grab a share of 28,000,000 ZKF with ongoing Launchpool promotions.

ZKFair emerges as an avant-garde on Ethereum’s landscape, utilising the pioneering fusion of various blockchain solutions. It stands as the first community ZK-L2 based on Polygon CDK and Celestia DA, powered by Lumoz, a ZK-RaaS provider. ZKFair utilizes stablecoin USDC as the gas token and ensures EVM compatibility.

The community-driven ZK Layer 2 network leverages collective discussions and empowers various ZK projects in the community. As an experimental Layer 2 solution, it prioritizes fairness to the extreme (similar to ordinals) to explore whether a people-driven movement can outperform capital-driven initiatives.

“At Bitget we focus on delivering better access and opportunities to invest in high potential projects through our Innovation zone. Covering over 600+ tokens, Bitget’s ecosystem encompasses one of the most diverse offerings right from Bitcoin ecosystem to Ethereum’s DeFi landscape. We’re providing a seamless way to explore crypto gems,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget.

To bring better accessibility to high-potential projects Bitget’s innovation zone lists trending tokens, granting exceptional access to highly valuable digital assets within the industry. The listing of ZKF in Bitget’s innovation zone makes it easier for users to dive into the initial launch phases of the token including more upcoming high-potential crypto projects.

Designed for the trading of new token offerings, the innovation zone is mainly for trending tokens (initial) listing, a 60-day valuation period is given for all the newly listed pairs in the zone. The newly listed tokens will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the token adheres to Bitget’s platform standards, including trading volume, liquidity, the team, project development, and other criteria to keep the listing status active.

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