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Galaxis Gears up for Token Launch: Announces $1,000,000 Creator and Community Member Grants & Bybit IDO

Galaxis Gears up for Token Launch: Announces $1,000,000 Creator and Community Member Grants & Bybit IDO

Zurich, Switzerland, May 3rd, 2024, Chainwire

Galaxis is preparing for this month’s token launch on Bybit, with the first phase commencing through the IDO. To further enhance this launch, Galaxis has announced a substantial $1,000,000 Community Creator and Community Member Grant Program. This initiative incentivizes both community creators and members for active engagement in the Galaxis ecosystem.

Galaxis, known for its partnerships with Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and the NBA, promotes the Web3 creator movement by offering a platform for creators to benefit from their work. The platform’s distinctive feature is its customizable membership cards. These cards do more than just act as digital tokens; they encourage community support by offering perks and access to physical and digital experiences. It’s worth noting that Galaxis has seen significant success, with over 32,000 ETH traded in secondary markets and over $9 million USD secured through the Galaxis Engines.

About Galaxis Community Creator Grants

Galaxis has pledged an impressive $1,000,000 in Creator and Community Member Grants with support from CoinMarketCap. This commitment is split between the Creator Grant Program and the Community Member Grant Program, each of which will be awarded with $500,000 over the next 12 months in return for their community engagement. The initiative encourages active community engagement and supports creators by offering monthly rewards based on membership tiers.

To kickstart this initiative, creators can launch their community membership cards for free on Galaxis, and community members can attain Full or VIP Member status by topping up their cards with GALAXIS tokens. The more a community grows and the higher the tier members choose, the more the creators earn. Both creators and community members can benefit from exclusive perks of their chosen membership tier.

“We are truly excited about the $1,000,000 Creator and Community Grants. Our mission has always been to support and empower creators. This initiative stands as a testament to that commitment, providing both the support and theplatform creators need to thrive,”Andras, CEO of Galaxis.

For more detailed information about the grant programs and how they work, please refer to the official Galaxis website.

Token Launch on Bybit

Galaxis, a leading platform for creators, is preparing for an…

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