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Bitget featured at Token2049 Dubai with panels and key side events

Bitget featured at Token2049 Dubai with panels and key side events

Victoria, Seychelles, April 22nd, 2024, Chainwire

Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company is making its presence felt in the week of Token2049, Dubai. Bitget COO Vugar Usi Zade led the panel discussion around real-world asset tokenization. The company also hosted various side events, including a Kpop Party, Bitcoin Track Day and Beach Party, during the week.

Vugar participated in the session surrounding the theme of ‘Practical DeFi, Tokenization of Real World Assets for Real World Problems’. He was joined by other industry stalwarts like Andres Meneses of OG media group, Robin Ubaghs from Prop Chain, Raj Brahmabhatt from Zeebu and Anna Shakola from Cointelegraph, in the same discussion.

Vugar Usi Zade shared some insights into tokenizing real-world assets and the roadmap for the growth and mass adoption of blockchain to solve real-life problems. At the discussion, he made a special mention of larger participation from the Government and authorities in the field of smart contracts and blockchain. He also mentioned that we can transform industries across sectors by bringing projects on-chain and making blockchain a part of people’s daily lives.

Addressing the challenges faced by the current industry and Web2 companies, he explained to the audience about moving swiftly towards blockchain enabled platforms for mass services and emphasized on the fact that the banking industry in his opinion, could benefit by imbibing blockchain in its day to day operations.

Along with this Zade ran a keynote on Bitget’s growth, Protection fund and upcoming plans for 2024.

Vugar Usi Zade expressed “Another important aspect from the transaction of value perspective Another important aspect from the transactional value perspective is that real world assets are really expensive, they represent a huge amount of money. But again, if you look at the transaction cost or value-add cost, there isn’t much actually happening because, again, if you today want to buy real estate, there will be a lot of costs that are associated with the government. But what maximum gets a real estate agent? 2%. And that’s it”.

Adjacent to the main conference participation, Bitget hosted side events “Bitcoin Track Day Dubai 2024”, co-hosted by Surf Protocol, Merlin Chain, Trust Wallet, and Bitlayer, delivered an exhilarating fusion of…

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