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April 2024 Work Progress Report: Multiple Node Updates

April 2Miners

April 2Miners

Transition to a New ETHW Block Explorer

In our continuous effort to provide reliable and efficient tools for our users, we have switched to a new ETHW block explorer hosted by Oklink. The previous block explorer was not performing up to our standards, affecting users’ ability to track transactions accurately. This change ensures that users can reliably monitor their payouts from the pool, enhancing transparency and trust in our mining operations.


Significant Halvings Impact Major Cryptocurrencies

This April has been a landmark month for cryptocurrency mining at 2Miners as Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) underwent their scheduled halving events, reducing the block reward to 3.125 coins from the previous 6.25. Similar to these, ERG and KASPA have also seen reductions in their block rewards following their respective emission schedules, with ERG decreasing to 27 ERG from 30 and KASPA to 116.54 KAS from 123.47. These changes are crucial for miners to consider, and our calculator at has been updated to help our community recalibrate their mining strategies accordingly.

Comprehensive Node Updates

To maintain the highest standards of service and ensure optimal mining conditions, we have implemented updates across several cryptocurrency nodes. Each update is designed to enhance network stability, increase efficiency, and ensure continued compliance with the latest blockchain protocols.

Aeternity Node Update – v7.0.0 Ceres Release

The Aeternity network has introduced significant protocol changes in its latest update, aimed at improving the blockchain’s functionality and user interaction. Scheduled protocol upgrades for both testnet and mainnet are set to enhance the network’s performance and introduce new features like GAAttachTx modifications and AENS auction mechanism adjustments.


ZCash Node Update – zcashd 5.9.0

ZCash continues to improve with the zcashd 5.9.0 maintenance release, focusing on dependency updates and ensuring service continuity with a new end-of-service height. This update is critical for all users to maintain network compatibility and security.

Horizen Node Update – zend v5.0.2

Horizen has released zend v5.0.2, which addresses several minor changes and bug fixes to enhance the network’s stability. It’s important for users to update to this latest version before the older versions are deprecated to avoid any disruptions in service.

These updates are part of our commitment to providing the best…

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