Wednesday, 19 June 2024

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2024 may be a year of memecoins as this presale cruises past $2M

2024 may be a year of memecoins as this presale cruises past $2M

  • Inflows to crypto funds are up big, 
  • Crypto-adjacent stocks outperform all their TradFi counterparts as the Bitcoin ($BTC) Spot ETF is just days away. 
  • Strap in because a bull market like no other could be on the way.

The top 5 cryptos to buy now are all memecoins, and the recent strength of Ethereum (ETH) signals the start of stage two of the bull market. 

Crypto cycles always follow a pattern: BTC pumps, ETH pumps, altcoins pump, and then memecoins run riot. 2024 is set to be the year of memecoins, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) has caught everybody’s attention. This presale cruises past $2 million and shows no sign of stopping!

What Is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)?

Galaxy Fox is a hybrid protocol pushing the boundaries of what is possible within DeFi. It blends the best of the play-to-earn and memecoin genres to deliver an easy 100X investment opportunity. At the heart of this galactic ecosystem is an addictive runner game.

This P2E module pays out rewards to the top 20% of the leaderboard at the end of each season. These prizes are directly exchangeable for $GFOX tokens. NFT holders gain in-game stat bonuses or can purchase upgrades with $GFOX tokens. Half of all $GFOX spent on in-game upgrades gets rolled into the next prize pool. This global competition is Galaxy Fox’s primary interest funnel, and through its clever financial mechanism, it encourages more users to join the ecosystem.

Galaxy Fox’s memecoin components are its classic viral aesthetic and branding, token burn, and explosive volatility. The token burn ensures $GFOX is deflationary, and the cosmic-themed characters even feature on real-world merchandise, which funds the protocol Treasury. The Treasury then uses this and taxation revenue to support community initiatives and marketing efforts, further driving ecosystem development.

This focus on ecosystem expansion led analysts to categorize $GFOX among the top crypto to buy in 2023. Benefitting from both the development of the GameFi narrative and the increased memecoin fever sets the stage for a dramatic rally in Q1 of 2024. $GFOX is a hidden gem, and analysts are calling it one of the top 5 cryptos to buy now. They believe it could be one of 2024’s best performers.

GFOX’s passive income

Galaxy Fox introduces Stargate- the ecosystem’s rewards hub. Smart contracts channel 2% of all buy and sell taxes to this module, which…

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