Monday, 2 October 2023

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August 2023 Work Progress Report: Enhanced KASPA Pool Optimization, BTC Payouts for Nexa


Introducing Bitcoin Payouts for Nexa

In our commitment to offering flexible and versatile solutions for our miners, we’ve enabled Bitcoin payouts for those mining Nexa. Instead of using your Nexa wallet address, simply use your Bitcoin address to receive rewards in BTC. We’re pleased to confirm that any Bitcoin address format, be it SegWit, Compatibility, or Legacy, is compatible. Even a BTC address created on a cryptocurrency exchange will work seamlessly.


Both our Pool and Solo mining options support this new payout method. Detailed instructions and examples, including the miner setup, can be found on our help pages:

For instance, here’s a sample configuration for lolMiner:
lolMiner.exe --algo NEXA --pool --user bc1qnkyhslv83yyp0q0suxw0uj3lg9drgqq9c0auzc

Update on KASPA (KAS) Mining Rewards

Staying in line with the KASPA Emission Schedule, the KASPA block mining reward has undergone a change. Previously set at 195.99 KAS per block, the reward is now adjusted to 184.99 KAS. We urge all our miners to take note of this important development. To make informed decisions, you can always refer to the updated 2CryptoCalc Mining Profitability Calculator.

Major Kaspa Mining Enhancements

Optimized Performance for All Kaspa Miners

We’ve made substantial improvements to our Kaspa mining infrastructure, with a focus on enhanced performance and minimizing rejected shares. For miners using the Ice River and Bitmain Kaspa ASIC devices, the rejection rates have been reduced to almost zero, down from the earlier 2-3%. This refinement benefits both premium and standard ASICs, ensuring that mining on 2Miners provides optimal results.

Specific Ports Designed for Each Miner

Understanding the unique requirements of different mining setups, we’ve launched multiple dedicated ports to cater to GPUs and various Ice River ASIC models (including KS0, KS1/KS2, and KS3) and Bitmain KS3. Here’s a breakdown of our optimized configuration:

  • 32 (137.4G) for GPU miners
  • 512 (2.2T) for Ice River KS0 devices
  • 4096 (17.59T) for Ice River KS1 and KS2 devices
  • 16384 (70.3T) for Ice River KS3 and KS3L, and Bitmain KS3


This dedicated approach ensures every miner gets the best out of their equipment, maximizing profitability. And the best part? These configurations are available across all our global server locations: Europe, the USA, and Asia. For a deeper dive into these updates, visit our comprehensive Kaspa Help Page.

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