Tuesday, 3 October 2023

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PEPE price to zero? Rug-pull allegations put memecoin at risk

PEPE price to zero? Rug-pull allegations put memecoin at risk

Pepecoin (PEPE), once an extremely profitable memecoin, has plunged by more than 80% four months after its record high. Now, technicals suggest that the memcoin could be at risk of even bigger losses in the coming weeks or months.

Pepecoin faces rug pull allegations

On Aug. 24, several rogue Pepecoin developers changed the number of signatures required to move tokens from their multi-sig wallet from five-out-of-eight to two-out-of-eight. Then, they sent $16 million worth of PEPE to crypto exchanges, suggesting that they wanted to sell.

A segment of market analysts viewed these mov as a hint of an impending “rug pull,” raising fears that the PEPE price may crash to zero in 2023. 

Previous “rug pulls” such as MULTI, the native token of Multichain’s cross-chain bridging protocol, has dropped nearly 98% from its peak. The decline has appeared partially due to allegations that Multichain’s $125 million hack in July 2023 was part of a broader rug-pull scam.

Similarly, in July 2023, a crypto developer associated with the Encryption AI project committed a $2 million rug-pull fraud. As a result, the Encryption AI token, 0XENCRYPT, crashed 99% to an all-time low of $0.02.

PEPE price paints deadly descending triangle

Market analyst Nebraska Gooner suggests that PEPE price could soon plunge to nearly zero due to a descending triangle formation on the four-hour chart.

A descending triangle in finance is a bearish continuation pattern characterized by the simultaneous formation of a falling trendline resistance and horizontal trendline support. It resolves after the price decisively breaks below the support and falls by as much as the triangle’s maximum height.

This puts the bearish target for PEPE’s descending triangle at nearly zero.

PEPE hopefuls buy the dip

On a brighter note, some PEPE investors have used the token’s price decline as an opportunity to buy the dip. Notably, the supply held by entities with a balance between 10,000 and 100,000 PEPE tokens has jumped substantially since Aug. 27.

PEPE supply distribution. Source: Santiment

This accumulation is underway as Pepecoin hopefuls assert that the market can absorb any further selling pressure from…

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