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Bitget Wallet Unveils GetDrop: An Exclusive Airdrop Platform for High-quality Projects

Bitget Wallet Unveils GetDrop: An Exclusive Airdrop Platform for High-quality Projects

Victoria, Seychelles, May 13th, 2024, Chainwire

Bitget Wallet, a prominent Web3 wallet, recently unveiled its new airdrop platform, GetDrop. This platform is designed to offer exclusive airdrop campaigns tailored for high-quality projects. Bitget Wallet collaborates with both potential and popular project teams in the industry to provide airdrop rewards to active wallet users, thereby aiding in the growth of project data and enhancing brand influence.

GetDrop is a premier launch featured in the Bitget Wallet Earning Center. It is a newly initiated incentive program for Bitget Wallet’s users and BWB points/BWB token holders. It serves as an exceptional gateway for Bitget Wallet’s ecosystem partner projects to connect with and engage an active, high-quality Bitget Wallet user base. Each campaign is orchestrated to cater to the specific needs of project teams, highlighting their unique product features and key objectives.

The initial campaign of the GetDrop platform focuses on meme coins, in collaboration with nine meme coin projects: MANEKI, ROOST, QUACK, MOEW, FOMO, MUMU, EPIK, APU, and CATGPT, offering a total reward pool of $130,000 worth of tokens. Users can participate by signing up at Bitget Wallet’s Earning Center and completing tasks such as social media interactions and Swap transactions. Additionally, Bitget Wallet is planning its second phase of GetDrop centered around the recent hot topic of SocialFi, launching an exclusive UXLINK airdrop campaign. This is based on the largest Web3 social infrastructure project within the Telegram ecosystem, where users can share in 100,000 rare UXLINK NFTs upon completing tasks.

In the Bitget Wallet Earning Center, there are multiple airdrop sections, including the Web3 exploration incentive platform Task2Get, high-quality project subscription platform Launchpad, new coin fair distribution platform Fair Launchpool, and the social earning platform Invite2Get. These aim to provide users with rewarding and diverse earning and airdrop activities. Not only does Bitget Wallet offer high-quality trading services for users to potentially profit in the market, but it also continuously plans and carries out varied and rewarding activities, allowing users to potentially earn while exploring and experiencing various mainnet ecosystems.

Unlike other sections, GetDrop is a new incentive plan mainly…

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