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Meet 7 women shaping the future of crypto and Web3

Meet 7 women shaping the future of crypto and Web3

Women have been part of the crypto space since its genesis, developing projects, communities and brands, as well as tackling many trenches that this emerging industry demands.

Yet, they have been less involved in starting Web3 businesses. According to the Web3 Career Market report by crypto exchange KuCoin, 27% of female professionals in the field have been involved in starting a crypto startup, against 41% of males in the survey. For many, the “bro culture” in Web3 poses career challenges and barriers to onboarding more women into the space, the same report shows.

Diversity has been a hurdle in other industries as well, such as technology and finance — two sectors that intersect into crypto. As such, it’s not surprising that women are still poorly represented among Web3 developers and crypto traders. More firms in the space are acting to improve diversity however, seeking innovative collaboration and broader adoption.

Cointelegraph’s team spoke with women in the crypto community about their careers, their journey into crypto, and diversity in the industry. They are women from different backgrounds, projects, countries, and generations. All of them are working towards a similar goal: encouraging others, regardless of gender, to join this rapidly evolving industry.

Meet Seema Khinda Johnson, co-founder and COO of Nuggets:

Seema had a 17 years career leading product development strategies for startups and big tech companies before a security incident led her to the crypto space: Her husband’s credit card and personal data were stolen. The experience opened her eyes to privacy control issues and led the couple to establish Nuggets in 2016, a decentralized identity wallet. 

To build the project, she decided to email Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, for developer recommendations. “Everyone thought that was ridiculous, that he’d never respond, but sure enough, 20 minutes later, I got a reply with a recommendation of who I needed to speak to. It was a great lesson that you can make pretty much anything happen if you just go for it,” she recalls.

While Seema feels lucky to have some brilliant male allies in the Web3 space, she believes funding and supporting more female entrepreneurs is necessary to boost crypto adoption:

“If people are serious about onboarding 1 billion users into crypto, then we need to attract and retain diverse teams that build powerful products with utility that make sense for us all.”

Meet Sandra Leow, researcher analyst at…

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