Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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Bitbot gains as Ape Terminal cancels ZKasino IDO

Bitbot gains as Ape Terminal cancels ZKasino IDO

  • Ape Terminal, one of the top IDO platform’s in the market, has cancelled crypto betting platform ZKasino’s IDO.
  • This unfolds as the broader crypto community is showing greater resilience amid Bitcoin’s halving.
  • A few projects are however attracting as much attention as new crypto trading solution Bitbot.

As Bitbot matches towards a highly successful presale, investors flocking to it are likely buoyed by what the project promises in the wake of events surrounding ZKasino, a decentralized betting network.

While the ZKasino team says the project will still launch as expected, it’s likely to face challenges with regard to community trust after the rug pull allegations and exchange listing delays. 

Bitbot brings non-custodial trading and anti-rug pull features to crypto

Bitbot is one of the few emerging crypto projects that are pushing for market dominance. In particular, Bitbot’s eyes are on the Telegram bot space, which analysts have predicted could explode as crypto prepares for the bull market proper.

What makes Bitbot stand out in the market is its pioneering non-custodial trading feature.

PAAL AI, Banana Gun, PaLM AI and Unibot have seen significant success since their launch. However, none of these solutions offer the industry-leading security that Bitbot pioneers with its non-custodial Telegram bot.

When the bot launches in coming months, users will not only have the peace of mind of retaining full control of their assets as they trade, but also tap into additional security layers provided by anti-rug pull and anti-MEV tools.

So it’s not just Bitbot’s non-custodial solution or its AI-powered trading tools, but also the protection users can get with the anti-rug pull feature. Bitbot team’s transparency also adds to this positive outlook for the project, likely the reason the presale has raced to over $2.7 million.

Ape Terminal cancels IDO for ZKasino (ZKAS)

Following concerns around a potential rug pull, IDO platform Ape Terminal announced it had cancelled ZKasino’s initial DEX offering.

Ape Terminal’s statement comes after ZigZag, a decentralised P2P orderbook exchange, published concerns about ZKasino and a potential $32 million rug pull.

Meanwhile, ZKasino participants have reportedly been unable to withdraw their money as the platform’s team has moved all 10,515 ETH from the deposit contract to Lido.


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