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4 crypto underdogs that could be ready to shine in the bull run

4 crypto underdogs that could be ready to shine in the bull run


  • The Ethena (ENA) price is predicted to bounce back above $1.50.
  • The Celestia (TIA) token is predicted to rise again and trade above $15.
  • Experts predict that the SUI price will rise above $1.50.
  • Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) surpasses 357 million $RECQ tokens sold during its skyrocketing presale.

With the recent dip in the market, investors are on the lookout for the best cryptos to buy right now, and many are reaching the conclusion that Ethena (ENA), Celestia (TIA), and SUI could be the top crypto coins that are ready to shine. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi’s ($RBLZ) new token, $RECQ, has continued to draw investors in hordes to its presale. Let’s understand what makes ENA, TIA, SUI, and $RECQ some of the best altcoins to buy, according to experts.

Ethena shows strength to bounce back from the dump

The Ethena (ENA) token has performed tremendously ever since its launch in April. The Ethena (ENA) token rose to an all-time high of $1.50 on April 11. However, as the market soon dumped due to global factors and conflicts, Ethena (ENA) also dumped. The Ethena (ENA) token was down by nearly 38% to $0.93 on April 14.

Since then, the Ethena (ENA) price has recovered by nearly 14% to $1.06 on April 16. Amid the tumultuous price action, Ethena (ENA) announced integration with Web3 wallets like Binance, Bybit, OKX, and Bitget on April 10.

These developments have led to a bullish outlook on the Ethena (ENA) token. Some experts predict that the Ethena (ENA) token will rise above $1.50 in the coming months.

Celestia reclaims $10 support amid fresh surge

As the market dropped on April 12, the Celestia (TIA) token also witnessed a massive drop. The Celestia (TIA) token was trading at $11.19 on April 12 and dumped by 24.3% to $8.46 on April 14. As a result, the Celestia (TIA) token lost its $10 support for the first time in months as a result.

Since then, the Celestia (TIA) token has risen by 20.4% to $10.19 on April 16. While the Celestia (TIA) price dropped, NodeKit announced its integration with Celestia on April 12. Celestia’s (TIA) Infinite Space Bazaar hackathon surpassed 1000 entries on April 15.

These developments have resulted in many experts having a bullish outlook on Celestia (TIA). They predict that the Celestia (TIA) token will rise above $15 going forward.

SUI rises above $1 again after a brief drop below

Just like the other tokens, the…

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