Tuesday, 31 January 2023

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How About Dual Mining and Triple Mining ETC + KAS + ZIL

What Are You Currently Mining, Have You Tried Kaspa (KAS)


Dual-mining or mining two different crypto currencies at the same time is a good way to optimize the performance and profitability of your GPU mining hardware, especially at times like now when the profitability from mining is low. Zilliqa or ZIL has added a new level of the traditional dual mining where you normally mine a GPU coin and a Memory coin on the same GPU, because it is mined for just a minute every two hours. This way you can dual-mine ETC + ZIL without losing almost any of your hoshpower for the second coin, but also you can add a third coin in the mix, a GPU-heavy coin and thus try to even further improve your profitability. Dual-mining is also possible on some ASIC miners as well such as the iPollo series of ETC/ETH miners where you can mine an Ethash or ETChash crypto coin together with ZIL, thus getting an extra 30% higher profit compared to just normal mining.

Kaspa or KAS is an interesting and still highly unnoticed project that is just recently starting to gain attention not only form miners, but from investors as well. A couple of days ago we have discussed how you can start mining Kaspa (KAS) and since then the coin has pretty much doubled in trading price and was going up in a market conditions where most other crypto coins were going down. So, if you still haven’t checked out Kaspa (KAS) and its very fast block times and transfer on-chain, then you should do so as it will become even faster in the near future. Also, do not miss your chance to mine some coins now as well and make some really nice profit in the future!

We are not going to focus on KAS now, here we are going to be talking about Dual-Mining ETC and KAS as well as Tripple-Mining ETC + KAS + ZIL. Etereum Classic (ETC) uses the memory heavy Etchash algorithm while Kaspa (KAS) relies on the kHeavyHash algorithm for mining which is a GPU heavy one, so they are a great combo together for dual-mining and adding Zilliqa (ZIL) on top of these two makes a great mining threesome for optimal performance and profit. You can of course use not only ETC, but other Ethash or ETChash crypto to pair up with KAS and ZIL for triple mining, so the choice is up to you. To answer your question before you ask, yes, we are currently mining ETC + KAS + ZIL on our Nvidia mining GPUs.

We are going to focus on using lolMiner for dual-mining and triple mining here (latest version 1.62), although other miners such as Gminer and Bzminer for instance also support dual and/or…

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