Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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New Solana memecoin, BabyMona, launched as long-awaited successor to MonaCoin

New Solana memecoin, BabyMona, launched as long-awaited successor to MonaCoin

In a surprise announcement on their official X (Twitter) account, the team behind BabyMona, the long-awaited successor to the legacy of MonaCoin (the “Japanese Dogecoin” and second-oldest memecoin), has declared the arrival of $BYMONA.

Plans to Revolutionize the Crypto Landscape

After a period of continuous development, the launch of BabyMona has stirred up a lot of interest within the memecoin community. 

This project, built upon the legacy of MonaCoin, aims to revolutionize the crypto landscape with its playful spirit and community-driven approach.

Beyond the undeniable cuteness of the ASCII art mascot, BabyMona offers a compelling vision for the future of memecoins. 

Built on the secure and efficient Solana blockchain, BabyMona promises a smooth user experience alongside its undeniable charm. 

Notably, the project heavily emphasizes community involvement, rallying passionate crypto enthusiasts and cat lovers alike to form the #BabyMonaArmy. This focus on a strong user base suggests the project is aiming for long-term success beyond the typical memecoin hype.

With its widely communicated vision of empowering the underdog and rewriting the script of the crypto world, BabyMona has captured the attention of many.

Simple Tokenomics for a Strong Foundation

BabyMona maintains simplicity in its tokenomics to uphold project transparency and nurture trust within the community. 

With a total supply of 1 billion $BYMONA tokens, a substantial portion (70%) is dedicated to liquidity, ensuring a strong and stable user marketplace. 

Additionally, 15% of the tokens are reserved for marketing initiatives, enabling BabyMona to expand its reach and cultivate a thriving community.

A further 10% is set aside for potential listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs), which could significantly enhance accessibility and trading volume for $BYMONA. 

And last but not least, the BabyMona team has reserved a fair 5% of the tokens for themselves, showcasing their dedication to the project’s long-term success and alignment with the community’s interests.

$BYMONA was Audited by Coinscope

Understanding the significance of user trust, BabyMona underwent a thorough examination by Coinscope, a trusted third-party firm renowned for its expertise in blockchain security assessments. 

The audit yielded positive results, providing assurance to potential investors…

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