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Game-changing Telegram trading bot, Bitbot reaches $2M mark in presale

Game-changing Telegram trading bot, Bitbot reaches $2M mark in presale

London, United Kingdom, April 10th, 2024, Chainwire

Mere weeks after hitting seven figures, Bitbot has continued its presale success, now with over $2.1 million in the bag, 80k Twitter/X followers, and over 27k in its Telegram community. For the Bitbot team, familiar with the market landscape and confident in their compelling product offering, this level of engagement and support comes as no surprise.

Bitbot (BITBOT) is available to buy on the official site.

Back in October, the Telegram trading bot market had under 10k daily active users. However, it has grown to around $1.4 billion in market cap since last summer. What’s more, out of the $18 billion cumulative trading volume, $12 billion of that was generated in 2024 alone, indicating that the industry is multiplying its momentum every single day.

Competitors Banana Gun (near +300% token price gains this year) and Maestro (lifetime trading volume, $4.7 billion) have proven popular despite both suffering security mishaps. The Bitbot team views this as billions of dollars in untapped potential in the Telegram trading bot space. The sector merely requires a secure alternative to catalyze an influx of thousands of new users. Such a development could transform the current niche status of Telegram trading bots, propelling the sector to a valuation well into the tens of billions.

Superior features are reeling in the investors

Bitbot’s Technical Product Advisor, Andrew Jacobs, has been carefully guiding the team to deliver a product and a presale that offers investors the opportunity to engage with a hallmark of safety, reliability, and innovation in the crypto trading bot arena.

“After watching the crypto trading bot market like a hawk, we can confidently say that we’ve learned from other people’s mistakes and built the tool to make trading crypto as easy as checking your emails. Plus, with our team of ex-Wall Street traders and AI savvy devs, we believe our product offers the retail investor a technological advantage over the institutions.”

One specific mistake competitors are making is on the security front. Currently, all Telegram trading bots require users to submit their private keys, leaving users vulnerable to hackers—a fate that Unibot and Maestro suffered.

The Bitbot team views the vulnerabilities found in Telegram trading bots as a major bottleneck, hindering user…

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