Friday, 12 April 2024

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EGGY surges, outperforming PEPE and FLOKI; analysts see MEDA as another meme coin with potential

EGGY surges, outperforming PEPE and FLOKI; analysts see MEDA as another meme coin with potential

  • EGGY outperforms PEPE and FLOKI despite launching last.
  • PEPE investors plan for a bull run as FLOKI surges by 8% as new features cancel out weekly losses.
  • Milei Moneda’s $MEDA attracts investors in droves with its ICO.

The Bitcoin-inspired token pump may be over, but the meme coins are still very much in business. PEPE and FLOKI rejoined the top altcoins sometime this month, while EGGY has also recently stepped into the profit pool. 

More news: the new ICOs on the market have Milei Moneda ($MEDA) among them as one of the best contenders. The new meme coin is already on investors’ list of altcoins to watch, with some analysts forecasting it could join the list of top crypto coins soon.

Investors bank on PEPE yet again

This time last year, PEPE’s launch was readying to shake the market. PEPE went on to make a statement launch, rallying almost 150,000% in two months. This time, Bitcoin’s halving is approaching, and PEPE investors think PEPE could be back as a top ten cryptocurrency again this time.

There has been some massive whale movement on the PEPE network, too. Two investors have bought about 560 billion PEPE coins, indicating renewed investor confidence in PEPE.

Many investors have had their fingers burned to deal with PEPE, as the token practically ghosted after its launch last year. The mood around PEPE is cautious now; yet everyone knows what the memecoin is capable of on its best days, and the Bitcoin halving seems to be a perfect opportunity for a PEPE rally.

FLOKI introduces bank features for FLOKI token holders

FLOKI has always been one of the most innovative of the top altcoins in the meme market, and it’s out with yet another innovative feature. This time, FLOKI users will be able to deposit their tokens with a fintech company, link debit cards to their wallets, and transact their FLOKI tokens with ease.

With the new development, FLOKI traders will be able to transact business in fiat currencies like the US Dollar and the euro using their FLOKI tokens. Like Oracle and Stellar, FLOKI is bringing fiat currency trade even closer to cryptocurrency. 

FLOKI cashed in big on the last coin rally, raking over 600% of profits in the past month. The FLOKI value started dipping last week, but the announcement of the new banking feature helped FLOKI’s price spike by over 8%, as FLOKI ended the week on 1.7% profits.


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