Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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Proof of Pitch: Revolutionizing the Pitch Competition Landscape with AI-Driven Insights and Top Web3 VC

Proof of Pitch: Revolutionizing the Pitch Competition Landscape with AI-Driven Insights and Top Web3 VC

Paris, France, April 25th, 2024, Chainwire

  • Prize pool of over 1M€ value including media grant from Cointelegraph
  • Proof of Pitch is part of Proof of Talk, where All Global Leaders in Web3 Meet
  • 10-11 June 2024, Museum of Decorative Arts (MAD), Louvre Palace, Paris

In a ground-breaking shift from traditional pitch competitions, Proof of Pitch emerges as a transformative platform uniquely combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) insights with the strategic acumen of the world’s leading Web3 venture capitalists. Proof of Pitch participants will showcase their presentation to an exclusive audience of speakers and VCs, including CEOs, founders of leading blockchain companies, and top Web3 VC partners.

Next to the competition’s main sponsor zkSync, distinguished partners and jurors are participating, including Pantera Capital, Borderless Capital, Binance Labs, Greenfield Capital, Arrington Capital, Animoca Brands, Spartan Group, X Ventures, Mechanism Capital and Cointelegraph.

The Proof of Pitch winner will be awarded a first-place grand prize award of 1M€ value in a combination of cash investments by participating VCs, Accelerator services, visibility (such as a 30k media grant from Cointelegraph), and many other value-adding elements.

All participants will also receive a detailed 12-page investment report to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their pitch, outlining strengths to focus on and weaknesses to improve. This is equivalent to a team of analysts spending weeks analyzing the participant’s startup.

Zohair Dehnadi, Co-Founder, Proof of Talk and Partner, X-Ventures: “Unlike conventional pitch competitions, Proof of Pitch enables global businesses and leadership to intelligently tap into the power of Web3, providing valuable and sustainable insights for investors and the startup community at large instead of having just another light-touch startup competition with glittering prizes which ultimately do not add any real business value. Be part of our prestigious Proof of Pitch experience and elevate yourself! See you in June!”

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