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Major Partners to Join the Upcoming Aleph Zero CTRL+Hack+ZK Hackathon

Major Partners to Join the Upcoming Aleph Zero CTRL+Hack+ZK Hackathon

Zug, Switzerland, January 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

In collaboration with Telekom MMS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, stc Bahrain, Heartcore Capital, Arca Finance, Cardinal Cryptography, and others, the hybrid event offers different tracks with up to $575K USD in bounties and funding opportunities.

The Aleph Zero Foundation, committed to the advancement and adoption of the Aleph Zero blockchain, today announced the launch of CTRL+Hack+ZK, a comprehensive hackathon event. Spanning from January 10th to January 31st, 2024, this event will be held virtually. CTRL+Hack+ZK represents Aleph Zero’s most immersive hacking event to date, designed to spur innovation and collaboration in the blockchain space.

CTRL+Hack+ZK invites developers, whether seasoned or new to Web3, to immerse themselves in a three-week virtual hacking experience. Participants will engage in Rust and ink! workshops, educational programming, as well as hands-on mentorship with Aleph Zero’s core development team and ecosystem partners.

Previous Aleph Zero hackathons have been the birthplace of success stories like AZERO.ID and Syncra, which have become integral to the Aleph Zero ecosystem. CTRL+Hack+ZK offers a launchpad for developers to turn their innovative ideas into reality, with the opportunity for projects to be integrated into the growing Aleph Zero ecosystem.

“We’re honored to partner with some of the world’s most esteemed organizations in different sectors for the CTRL+Hack+ZK hackathon. Their endorsement energizes our mission to expand the Aleph Zero ecosystem,” said Antoni Zolciak, Co-Founder of Aleph Zero. “Our focus remains steadfast on delivering exceptional user experience that prioritizes privacy, compliance, and speed. This hackathon is put together to help spread the overall adoption of Web3 with a primary focus on building the application layer using the Rust and ink! programming environments.”

Top-Line Partnerships and Opportunities

The hackathon partners include MMS Telekom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, Saudi Telecom Bahrain, idOS, Cardinal Cryptography, Generative Ventures, Heartcore Capital, WW Ventures, Blockchain Founders Capital, and Buidlers Tribe. Additionally, collaborators from Franklin Templeton Investments, Block54, RR2 Capital, and more, will serve as hackathon judges, providing significant exposure…

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