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December 2023 Work Progress Report: New Coins Clore and Karlsen

December Work Progress Report

December Work Progress Report

New Coin on 2Miners: CLORE

We’re delighted to introduce CLORE to our mining community, starting from December 4, 2023. Our miners now have the opportunity to mine CLORE, which is available in both POOL (PPLNS) and SOLO modes. CLORE operates on the KAWPOW algorithm, similar to Ravencoin, ensuring a fair and accessible mining environment for everyone. Miners have the flexibility to receive payouts in either CLORE or BTC, catering to various preferences. For more in-depth information on mining CLORE, visit our detailed post: How to Mine CLORE: New KawPoW Coin Setup and Profitability.


New Coin on 2Miners: Karlsen

Karlsen has emerged as a new addition to the 2Miners family, showing top profitability according to 2CryptoCalc. This coin utilizes the KarlsenHash algorithm, similar to KHeavyHash used in KASPA mining. Our miners can access Karlsen mining through kls.2miners.com for pool mining and solo-kls.2miners.com for solo mining. Currently, we only offer payouts in KLS, with no BTC payouts available at the moment. For wallet options, we suggest using addresses generated on crypto exchanges listed on karlsencoin.com.


KASPA (KAS) Reward Reduction

In line with the KASPA EMISSION SCHEDULE, a reduction in KASPA block rewards has occurred. The block reward for miners has been adjusted from 155.56 KAS to 146.83 KAS. We encourage our miners to stay updated with these changes, and you can always check the latest profitability on 2CryptoCalc.

Updated Quick Start Archive With Mining Software

Crypto coins on tribuneCrypto coins on tribune

We’ve refreshed our Quick Start Archive, adding new bat files for both CLORE and Karlsen mining, compatible with AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Updated software versions include

  • gminer 3.43
  • t-rex 0.26.8
  • lolminer 1.79
  • teamredminer 0.10.14
  • xmrig 6.21.0

Access the updated archive here using the password 2miners.

Node Updates

Our commitment to maintaining up-to-date services continues with multiple node updates across different cryptocurrencies.

CKB 0.112.1

The latest Nervos CKB update introduces a significant code refactor in the transaction pool module and adds the RBF (Replace by Fee) feature, enhancing transaction handling and efficiency.

Beam Node 7.3.14073

This update brings improvements and bug fixes to Beam Node, optimizing wallet functionality and addressing block generation issues.

Flux v7.0.1-80f4265

An essential bug fix in this version ensures stable block creation and enhances node reliability.

Firo v0.14.13.1-gab389d8bb

A mandatory maintenance release, Firo…

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