Tuesday, 30 May 2023

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AltSignals presale accelerates

AltSignals presale accelerates

  • AltSignals token presale is now 66.84% complete

  • The presale happens amid a tepid crypto market and growing interest in memes

  • $ASI could be attractively priced ahead of the token listings

Bitcoin has cooled down after a tepid run to the $30,000 mark. The cryptocurrency trades slightly below $28,000 at a time investors are still showing much interest in other little-known or new tokens like PEPE. This also happens when new tokens on presale, like AltSignals, attract interest, with 66.84% of the tokens sold out. Investors have been looking at AltSignals as a quality project backed by an existing community of traders. You can join the presale and become part of the AI transformation happening in the crypto industry.

Bitcoin slows, but meme interest grows

One of the most watched paradoxes in crypto is the trading behaviour of Bitcoin versus meme cryptocurrencies. Historically, increased interest in meme cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin has caused a slowdown in Bitcoin. This time around, interest is on another little-known coin, PEPE. The frog-themed meme coin debuted in mid-April but has grown exponentially. The market cap rose to $1.82 billion barely a week ago, but it has retraced.

The interest in PEPE has also seen other little-known tokens, such as 4TOKEN, DINO, and CHAD, increase in value. It shows investors’ interest in crypto remains strong despite a prolonged bear market. That’s because meme cryptocurrencies are driven by speculations, meaning investors still hold ground.

The intense interest in new cryptos favours newcomers like AltSignals ($ASI). Beyond the speculative reasons that could spur its uptake, AltSignals token powers a service that is in high demand – AI trading. That makes it a more sound investment compared to the meme predecessors and one that could deliver long-term success. 

AltSignals – Leveraging the power of AI to power trading

AltSignals is a UK-based trading service. Since its inception in 2017, the platform has built a successful business that has attracted thousands of followers on Telegram. AltSignals has been using AltAlgo™, an advanced technical analysis tool, to generate quality signals for its community. The signals cut across forex markets and digital assets. The company has produced over 3,700 signals, with an average accuracy rate of over 64%. The signals have directly benefited over…

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