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Gabriel Haines, Hall of Flame – Cointelegraph Magazine

Gabriel Haines, Hall of Flame – Cointelegraph Magazine

Name: Gabriel Haines 
Anonymous: No 
Twitter followers: 45,300
Known for: satirical ranting, shiting posting, and comedic content

Who is Gabriel Haines anyway? 

Gabriel Haines is a content creator, podcaster and Crypto Twitter shitposter who has a proclivity for ripping off his shirt in videos and ranting about the market in a goofy and comedic fashion. 

His entertainment value has seen him quickly build up a following of 45,300 — not a bad effort considering his online journey only started on YouTube in early 2020, when he was making videos on subjects as diverse as hummus reviews and educational videos on content marketing.

Haines jumped into the crypto space around the end of 2020 after seeking out ways to hedge against inflation in response to the inordinate amount of U.S. dollar printing and stimulus thrown about during the height of the global pandemic. 

Although he started his journey learning about Bitcoin, Haines soon dived into the Ethereum ecosystem and says that his biggest early wins came from hustling on token airdrops.

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“Airdrops are a great way to make money in crypto because you don’t necessarily have to risk a lot of capital; you don’t have to make a big trade or anything like that. You can, you know, actually spend your time earning tokens. And that can often be a big payday.” 

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How did he get popular on Twitter?

Haines’ earlier crypto content was mainly focused on longer-form interviews and educational videos on subjects such as decentralized finance (DeFi); however, his popularity grew on Twitter as he ramped up his short-form comedic antics.

One key break, in particular, was a satirical video that he posted as a comment in response to a Nov. 12 tweet from Sam Bankman-Fried announcing that he had filed FTX, FTX US and Alameda Research for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

In the video, which has roughly 961,400 views, 13,800 likes and 1,834 retweets, Haines can be seen in sweatpants…

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