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5 YouTube channels to learn Web3 development

5 YouTube channels to learn Web3 development

Web3 development is an exciting field that is rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to the increasing adoption of blockchain technology. If you’re interested in learning about Web3 development, YouTube is an excellent resource to turn to. In this article, we’ll highlight five of the top YouTube channels that one can use to learn about Web3 development.


EatTheBlocks is a great resource for learning Web3 development. The channel is run by Julien Klepatch, who is a blockchain developer and consultant. EatTheBlocks offers a wide range of tutorials on blockchain development, with a focus on Ethereum and Solidity.

The channel covers everything from basic concepts to advanced topics, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The tutorials are well-produced and beginner-friendly, making them accessible to anyone who is interested in learning about Web3 development.

One of the unique features of EatTheBlocks is that it offers both free and paid content. The free content includes tutorials on topics such as Ethereum, Solidity and smart contracts, while the paid content includes more advanced tutorials and courses.

Crypto Zombie

The YouTube channel Crypto Zombie provides an engaging educational series on Solidity programming. The lessons cover fundamental ideas, such as data types, functions and inheritance, and are suitable for beginners. The distinctive aspect of Crypto Zombie is that it uses the creation of a zombie game to teach Solidity programming.

Beginners may easily learn while having fun thanks to the courses’ interactive and entertaining design. The channel also features a discussion board where users can post queries and seek assistance from other programmers. Furthermore, the zombie game adds a level of excitement to the learning process, and the tutorials are divided into short, digestible steps.

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