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How to Mine Zephyr ZEPH: Settings and Profitability of Mining a Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrency

How to Mine Zephyr ZEPH: Settings and Profitability of Mining a Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrency

What is Zephyr ZEPH Cryptocurrency

As noted on the official website, Zephyr is an overcollateralized stablecoin project that is also untraceable. According to the developers, it is the first confidential stablecoin system with appropriate reserves to guarantee the stability of the corresponding token’s rate.

The project's foundation is a combination of the Djed stablecoin protocol from developers Emurgo, IOHK, and Ergo Foundation, and privacy features from the Monero network. These include hiding the recipient's address and transaction amount. As noted by the developers, this makes the evolution towards true "digital cash" much more tangible.

The aforementioned Djed stablecoin protocol uses three tokens — base coins, stablecoins, and reserve coins. Here is their detailed description:

  • Zephyr (ZEPH) — the cryptocurrency at the core of the Zephyr protocol, functioning as the base coin and reserve asset of the decentralized protocol based on Djed;
  • Zephyr Stable Dollar (ZSD) — an overcollateralized confidential stablecoin of the Zephyr protocol. Its rate is pegged to the dollar, while the stability of its value is ensured by ZEPH reserves;
  • Zephyr Reserve Share (ZRS) — a share in the protocol’s reserves, representing a stake in the financial health and future success of the entire project.

Reserve providers contribute their ZEPH to the project’s reserves and receive ZRS in return, reflecting the corresponding share in the overall capital. The emission of the ZSD stablecoin occurs when users contribute an equivalent amount of ZEPH to the reserves while maintaining a minimum reserve ratio, usually at 400 percent.

In practice, this ratio often exceeds 700 percent. This means that the stablecoin should maintain its stability and dollar peg even under conditions of extreme market volatility and trader sales.

Here are the statistics for ZEPH coins in reserves and ZSD and ZRS tokens in circulation.

Zephyr ZEPH Exchange Rate

Today, ZEPH is valued at $7.24, with a project market capitalization of $28 million.

The peak value of the asset at $52.31 was reached on November 23, 2023. Accordingly, compared to that mark, the current rate is 86 percent behind.

However, again, the project is relatively new and has not yet gone through a full bull run. Therefore, making assumptions about the further behavior of ZEPH is simply too early.

Where to Buy Zephyr ZEPH Cryptocurrency

Zephyr ZEPH is traded on several popular cryptocurrency exchanges. These are

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