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Upcoming changes to Belgian gambling laws prompt shift to offshore Bitcoin casinos

Upcoming changes to Belgian gambling laws prompt shift to offshore Bitcoin casinos

  • The upcoming changes to Belgian gambling laws include bans on certain devices, gifts, bonuses, and free games.
  • The age limit for punters will also be raised from 18 to 21 years.
  • Many Belgian gamblers are shifting to online crypto casinos to circumvent the new changes.

As Belgium gears up for significant changes to its gambling laws, scheduled to take effect in September, a notable shift is underway in the country’s gambling landscape. The impending revisions, aimed at enhancing player protection and tightening regulations, have spurred a surge in Belgian punters turning to offshore Bitcoin casinos. 

While there are legally licensed crypto casinos operating in Belgium, illegal crypto casinos leveraging the anonymity and versatility of cryptocurrencies, are attracting players seeking to circumvent the impending regulatory changes and enjoy a broader range of gambling options. However, concerns abound regarding the risks associated with illegal gambling and the potential consequences for both punters and the regulated gambling industry.

Upcoming Belgian gambling law changes

Belgium’s gambling industry boasts a rich history dating back to the 1300s, offering a diverse range of legal gambling options, including casinos and sports betting. However, the industry faces many challenges and the government is taking a proactive stance towards regulating the industry and safeguarding players by implementing sweeping changes to the country’s gambling laws. 

Among the key revisions is the raising of the legal gambling age from 18 to 21, aligning various forms of gambling with age restrictions already in place at land-based casinos. This measure aims to curb underage gambling and promote responsible gaming practices, reflecting a commitment to protecting vulnerable segments of the population.

Additionally, the revised legislation introduces stringent regulations on advertising and licensing, aiming to minimize exposure to gambling-related messaging and mitigate potential harm, particularly among minors and individuals with gambling disorders. There are also prohibitions on certain gambling devices and restrictions on the accumulation of online licenses to foster fair competition and prevent monopolistic practices within the online gambling sector. 

Moreover, the revised laws introduce bans on gifts, bonuses, and free games to curb excessive…

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