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SeedHunter Marketing Module is live – Web3 Influencer Campaigns with payment in Stable Coins

SeedHunter Marketing Module is live - Web3 Influencer Campaigns with payment in Stable Coins

Dubai, UAE, April 18th, 2024, Chainwire

SeedHunter is a dedicated platform that facilitates and fosters collaborations between influencers and crypto projects to gain traction in the web3 community. The company has a new and fresh perspective on how to match high-potential influencers and KOLs with respective crypto projects and investors in a lucrative, scalable, and secure way.

SeedHunter launched on April 18th 2024, its debut service: The Marketing Module. This is a platform that allows crypto projects to manage and maintain their influencer marketing campaigns more efficiently, securely, and effectively. The marketing campaigns launched can be uniquely customized to the crypto project’s needs in terms of content, deliverables, and more.

The platform then uses an AI-based data model to evaluate, rate, and match reliable KOLs to crypto projects. SeedHunter will also assess influencer performance and define pricing directly using an advanced algorithm based on metrics of engagement, impression rates, number of followers, and the compatibility of the KOL with the campaign they manage – all of these standards will ensure that the right influencer is matched to the user’s target audience needs. This ensures a fully transparent, fair, and lucrative influencer marketing position for influencers of all kinds.

Crypto projects can also benefit from several built-in marketing campaign tools to drive engagement – including consultancy and account management as needed. SeedHunter takes care of all the tedious admin to provide a simplified, insightful, and efficient platform to view potential influencer and KOL partnerships. Dariusz Kowalczyk, the co-founder and CTO of SeedHunter, has stated that the platform “does the due diligence to find reliable and relevant KOLs that match your target audience’s interests. This saves time and energy while pulling the focus onto the customer.”

SeedHunter also makes cryptocurrency projects a lot more accessible by simplifying processes. Influencer campaigns can be created in a matter of minutes through a centralized platform – giving the community automated contracts, KOL reviews, and delivery checks. Payments will also be based on deliveries to ensure cost-effective marketing. The web3 community can easily use SeedHunter to curate the ideal influencer campaign for their project and push…

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