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Bitget Wallet Unveils $200,000 Meme Coin Fiesta Following Its Meme Coin Launch

Bitget Wallet Unveils $200,000 Meme Coin Fiesta Following Its Meme Coin Launch

Victoria, Seychelles, April 11th, 2024, Chainwire

Bitget Wallet, at the forefront of the Web3 wallet landscape, has recently unveiled a meme coin-themed event, showcasing a substantial prize pool of $200,000. This move comes on the heels of the successful launch of its meme coin, MOEW, on the Base mainnet. This experimental token launch marked a bold step in Bitget Wallet’s journey towards innovation in the meme coin space.

The debut of MOEW last week achieved a surge of over 22,000% within just an hour after its launch. At present, MOEW is held by nearly 100,000 wallet addresses, and its total transaction volume has soared past $120 million. This strong performance not only places MOEW as a notable asset on the Base chain but also highlights Bitget Wallet’s capability to stimulate noticeable activity and interest throughout the network.

In a bid to build on this momentum, Bitget Wallet has rolled out the ‘Game of MEME’ event, aimed at deepening market engagement with meme coins. The event introduces a massive airdrop prize pool of $200,000, inviting participants to dive into a variety of activities, from trading meme coins on-chain and engaging on social media platform X to creating meme-themed content. The initiative seeks to harness financial incentives to boost participation and engagement, spotlighting the fun and community-centric essence of meme coins.

The narrative within the cryptocurrency industry has evolved towards a more community-focused model, with meme coins at the heart of this shift. Emerging as one of the most lucrative areas in the cryptocurrency market, the popularity of meme coins has spread across various networks. Despite the mixed views on the value and logic behind the rapid ascent of meme coins, the sector seems to continue to be a hotbed for creating significant wealth.

Alvin Kan, COO of Bitget Wallet, shared his insights on the company’s meme coin strategy, saying, “Bitget Wallet is deeply invested in meme coins, viewing them as not just an exciting asset class but also a cultural phenomenon that encapsulates the financialization of attention and community culture. We’re keen on journeying with our meme coin enthusiasts, fostering a deeper connection with the community spirit and culture that meme coins embody.”

Given that the majority of meme coins originate within community forums and…

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