Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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Bitfinex introduces tokenized debt for El Salvador’s first Hampton by Hilton Hotel

Bitfinex introduces tokenized debt for El Salvador's first Hampton by Hilton Hotel

  • Bitfinex Securities is El Salvador’s pioneer in digital asset provision.
  • The issuance aims to raise $6.25 million and it offers a 10% coupon over a five-year period,
  • The minimum investment that an investor can make is $1,000.

Bitfinex Securities, in collaboration with Inversiones Laguardia S.A. de C.V., has launched a tokenized debt offering under the ticker HILSV to raise $6.25 million for the construction of the Hampton by Hilton Hotel at El Salvador International Airport.

The issuance, facilitated by the Liquid Network, a Bitcoin sidechain, allows investors to participate in the project by trading HILSV tokens against the U.S. dollar and Tether (USDT) stablecoin.

The tokenized debt carries a 10% coupon over a five-year term, providing investors with an opportunity to earn returns while contributing to the development of El Salvador’s tourism infrastructure.

The initiative, enabled by El Salvador’s Digital Asset Securities Law, signifies a pivotal moment in democratizing access to investment opportunities in the region’s burgeoning digital asset market.

The economic impact

The construction of the Hampton by Hilton hotel complex, spanning 4,484 square meters and featuring 80 rooms, commercial spaces, and amenities such as a pool and gym, is expected to generate approximately 1,000 jobs during the construction phase.

Furthermore, upon completion, the operational phase is projected to create up to 5,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities, providing a significant boost to El Salvador’s job market and economy.

The entire project exemplifies the transformative potential of blockchain technology in driving economic growth and fostering tourism development. By harnessing the power of digital assets, this initiative not only expands investment opportunities but also catalyzes job creation and infrastructure development in the region.

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