Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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POKT Network Welcomes Three New Gateways & Brings Open Data Access to Millions of End Users

POKT Network Welcomes Three New Gateways & Brings Open Data Access to Millions of End Users

Georgetown, Cayman Islands, April 9th, 2024, Chainwire

Developer DAO, Raid Guild, and Chainstack will bring their respective networks and distribution to POKT Network, providing more developers with read/write access to 60+ blockchains’ by building on top of POKT Network’s decentralized infrastructure

POKT Network, the user-governed platform building a Universal RPC Base Layer, announced today the launch of three new Gateways: Developer DAO, Porters (backed by Raid Guild), and Chainstack. The new Gateways are a key part of POKT Network’s growth strategy to scale API access to every open data source on the internet.

Gateways serve as independent access points to the POKT Network, enhancing data accessibility and network performance. Each Gateway is built directly on POKT Network’s universal RPC base layer infrastructure and removes the need to build and maintain any of the underlying infrastructure, helping players like Developer DAO, Porters and Chainstack to operate as an independent RPC business. The innovation of Gateways lies in the ability for businesses of every kind – centralized or decentralized – to resell access to infrastructure by leveraging a blockchain protocol as the central coordinating party. This system adopts a unique business model that delivers the benefits of vertical integration through a decentralized network rather than a single centralized entity, meaning that more of the benefits are shared amongst more businesses. The protocol wins from more demand for the core service, while Gateways benefit from massively decreased time to market, lower operating expenditure and more time and resources to focus on the front-end of their businesses. The launch of these Gateways is a major step forward in POKT Network’s mission to provide developers and enterprises with the most reliable, performance, and cost-effective data, so they can focus on building the best applications with optimal user experience.

“The introduction of these three key new Gateways marks a key step forward for POKT Network and the broader ecosystem,” stated Dermot O’Riordan, Director at the POKT Network Foundation. “In the same way that L2s radically improved scalability at the application layer, our Gateways enable builders to easily plug into POKT’s cost-effective, reliable, and scalable DePIN infrastructure without…

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