Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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Funding rates remain high on BTC amid market dip, while $RBLZ could be primed for big gains

Funding rates remain high on BTC amid market dip, while $RBLZ could be primed for big gains


  • Funding rates have soared recently and could affect the bullish trajectory of Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Yet many market analysts believe BTC can rebound by the end of the year to reach a price of $98,190.
  • Several experts have suggested Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) could be one of the best crypto investment opportunities right now amid a broader market dip.

Soaring Bitcoin funding rates on perpetual futures contracts hint at the possibility of an imminent price correction phase for Bitcoin (BTC) in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, some experts believe Rebel Satoshi’s $RBLZ could be one of the best ICO choices for investors to make 10x gains amid a broader market dip.

Let’s discuss what’s driving the optimism around $RBLZ and find out if it is the best crypto to invest in now.

Bitcoin funding rates soar; Is price correction imminent?

Bitcoin has witnessed significant growth in 2024, reaching its all-time high (ATH) of $73,750 in March. However, the momentum was not sustained, and the price dipped below $70,000 shortly after, although it has since recovered some of those losses.

Although Bitcoin is back above $72,000 again, experts from CryptoQuant suggest that Bitcoin futures funding rates, which reflect payments between short and long traders, could indicate a potential price correction in the future.

Despite record-long positive funding rates signaling strong bullish sentiment, market analysts see this as a potential opportunity for prime buying.

But other experts anticipate a bullish trajectory for BTC, especially with the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. They predict that BTC could reach as high as $98,190 by late 2024, driven by market upswings and increasing adoption.

By contrast, bearish forecasts suggest the possibility of a correction, with BTC potentially dipping below $60,000 by the end of 2024. Various factors, including regulatory changes, market sentiment shifts, or external economic factors, could influence this scenario.

$RBLZ brings 10x gain prospects amid broader market dip

As funding rates for Bitcoin remain high amidst a broader market dip, $RBLZ aims to defy the market trends by promising 10x gains. This potential for substantial returns is attracting many investors to invest in Rebel Satoshi’s $RBLZ, especially when new ICOs struggle with volatility.

Rebel Satoshi aims to revolutionize the crypto landscape with $RBLZ,…

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