Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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FuturesAI Launches Referral Program with Exclusive Deposit Bonus

FuturesAI Launches Referral Program with Exclusive Deposit Bonus

FuturesAI, a newly launched crypto futures platform, is amplifying its commitment to its user community with the launch of a highly anticipated Referral Program.

This program allows users to earn rewards by spreading the word and inviting others to explore the world of AI-powered trading and community leverage.

To celebrate this exciting launch, FuturesAI is offering a limited-time Deposit Bonus for new users joining the platform during the opening weekend.

FuturesAI Introduces Referral Program to Empower Users to Earn While They Trade

FuturesAI, a cutting-edge platform for trading cryptocurrency futures, is taking its commitment to the user community a step further with the rollout of an exciting Referral Program.

This innovative program allows users to reap rewards by spreading the word and inviting others to experience the advantages of AI-driven trading and community-based leverage.

This exciting announcement arrives shortly after the significant launch of the $FAI token, which stands as a remarkable milestone for FuturesAI.

If before, starting the crypto futures journey could have felt overwhelming, now, FuturesAI offers a helping hand! When any user signs up with a valid referral code, he’ll receive a 25% discount on trading fees. This jumpstart allows the user to explore the platform and its potential for profit at a reduced cost.

Moreover, FuturesAI values its existing user base and seeks to incentivize active community participation. The Referral Program empowers current users to become brand ambassadors by offering a 5% commission on the trading fees generated by any new user they refer. This commission applies for the lifetime of the referred user’s activity on the platform, creating a potential for a stable and long-term passive income stream.

Furthermore, a tiered commission structure allows rewards to scale, with a maximum cap of 20% achievable by referring a substantial number of new users.

And that’s not all. As transparency is key at FuturesAI, they provide a dedicated dashboard for all users participating in the Referral Program. This dashboard offers a clear overview of your referral statistics and accumulated earnings. Track the progress as you refer new users and see how much income you’ve generated.

Even better, claim your earnings weekly in Ethereum (ETH), the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.


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