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LeverFi Launches OmniZK: A Secure Validation Protocol for Bitcoin DeFi and Omnichain Interactions

LeverFi Launches OmniZK: A Secure Validation Protocol for Bitcoin DeFi and Omnichain Interactions

Singapore, Singapore, April 4th, 2024, Chainwire

LeverFi, a leading web3 innovation team, has launched OmniZK, a secure validation protocol for Bitcoin that enables developers to create complex, interoperable DeFi applications by shifting complex logic onto EVM networks and relay verified outcomes with zkOracles. The protocol’s modular design allows non-custodial, decentralized contracts to be settled natively on the Bitcoin network in a secure.

LeverFi is proud to announce the launch of OmniZK, a groundbreaking secure validation protocol for Bitcoin that expands the possibilities for DeFi and omnichain interactions. By allowing developers to shift complex computations onto EVM layers and relay verified event outcomes back to the Bitcoin network, OmniZK enables the creation of programmable, interoperable native applications on Bitcoin that are scalable and capable of handling complex scenarios.

Enabling Bitcoin DeFi and complex logic for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Script’s Turing-incomplete nature has long been a barrier to the development of complex applications on the Bitcoin network, making the development of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on Bitcoin especially challenging.

OmniZK solves this issue by providing a modular framework for constructing conditional, non-custodial Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) secured by event proofs generated by zkOracles. OmniRelayers, running in a Trusted Execution Environment, are restricted to only transmitting and signing for verified event outcomes, thereby producing robust security for contract settlement within the Bitcoin network.

With the OmniZK SDK, developers can easily build and deploy DLC applications that utilize verified event data from any EVM network for contract settlement finality on Bitcoin. This empowers various interchain Bitcoin use cases, including non-custodial BTC liquid staking, cross-chain Bitcoin DeFi markets, decentralized asset bridges, and omnichain liquidity management.

“OmniZK is a significant step forward for Bitcoin DeFi and interoperability,” said Charissa K, Head of Developer Relations at LeverFi. “By enabling secure, non-custodial contracts that settle natively on the Bitcoin network and providing an alternative to centralized bridges, we’re unlocking a new era of possibilities for Bitcoin developers and users alike.”

Applications built using OmniZK are…

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