Wednesday, 17 April 2024

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Bitbot price forecast as BTC holds key level

Bitcoin hits new ATH above $71k; GALA surges as investors target Memeinator

  • Bitbot aims at becoming the top trading bot on Telegram.
  • The project’s non-custodial feature has the crypto trading community excited ahead of its launch.
  • The continued influx of new money via spot ETFs and Bitcoin’s upcoming halving are key bullish factors for Bitbot price prediction.

Cryptocurrencies are trading green as the top coins Bitcoin and Ethereum see slight gains. As the market looks to bounce, investor attention on new crypto project Bitbot suggests this could be one of the top tokens to buy this year.

What sets Bitbot apart from other Telegram bots?

As the market eyes further impetus from spot Bitcoin ETFs, there’s renewed optimism on a potential SEC approval for spot Ethereum ETFs. This outlook has traders on a new quest as they look to tap into potential opportunities. 

One of the areas attracting most attention is the Telegram-based crypto trading space.

Telegram bots offer access to automated trading tools, including sniping and copy trading. Now almost every other solution boasts integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

However, Bitbot stands out from the rest as it offers the first non-custodial trading solution on Telegram. This groundbreaking move that ensures it’s “your keys, your wallet, your assets” for users has elevated the new project above other trading bots such as Unibot and Banana Gun.

The key difference is Bitbot’s focus on user security. Rather than compromise on security to offer convenience, Bitbot avoids this trade off by implementing a self-custody solution backed by MPC technology from Knightsafe.

The decentralised digital self-custody firm’s wallet technology ensures users have complete control over their assets, adding to the overall safety measures.

Bitbot’s upcoming launch therefore has the crypto trading community on Telegram extremely excited.

Bitbot sails to stage 9 of presale

Security and top institutional-grade trading tools make Bitbot one of the most anticipated crypto trading bot in the market. 

That anticipation is visible from the buying frenzy around BITBOT, the native utility token.

BITBOT holders will enjoy a share of the daily revenue as well as access other exclusive perks, including discounts and airdrops. Traders are keen on these perks, which add to the non-custodial trading offering, anti-MEV and anti-rug pull features to put the bot top of most…

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