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TRON Foundation and Justin Sun claim SEC lack jurisdiction over foreign defendants

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  • TRON Foundation and Justin Sun lead other co-accused to challenge SEC’s jurisdiction in lawsuit.
  • The defendants argue SEC lacks authority over foreign conduct and they seek dismissal.
  • The defendants have filed a motion invoking the major questions doctrine.

The TRON Foundation, led by founder Justin Sun, has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In the motion, the defendants argue that SEC’s attempt to extend U.S. securities laws to predominantly foreign conduct lacks legal grounds. They emphasize that SEC’s regulatory reach does not extend worldwide, especially concerning activities conducted outside the United States.

The defendants, including TRON Foundation, Tron founder Justin Sun, BitTorrent Foundation, and Rainberry, assert that the SEC’s claims lack merit and should be dismissed.

Despite Rainberry’s California registration, the defendants argue that the SEC’s pursuit of claims lacks fair notice and raises concerns about regulatory overreach. Rainberry, while not contesting the court’s jurisdiction, seeks dismissal on grounds unrelated to jurisdiction, highlighting the lack of specificity in the SEC’s allegations.

Invoking the major questions doctrine

Furthermore, the defendants invoke the major questions doctrine to challenge the SEC’s regulatory authority in the digital asset market. They argue that the SEC’s expansive regulatory actions lack clear congressional authorization, thereby warranting dismissal of the case.

This legal precedent, aimed at curbing government overreach, underscores the defendants’ concerns regarding the SEC’s regulatory overreach and its implications for the global digital asset market.

The motion to dismiss the lawsuit highlights the defendants’ stance against the SEC’s allegations of selling and airdropping unregistered securities, fraud, and market manipulation. The TRON Foundation and Justin Sun maintain that the SEC’s claims fail to demonstrate jurisdiction and raise broader questions about regulatory authority and fair notice in the evolving landscape of digital assets and blockchain technology.

By challenging the SEC’s jurisdiction and regulatory authority, the TRON Foundation and Justin Sun signal a broader debate surrounding the global reach of securities laws and the evolving regulatory framework for…

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