Saturday, 20 April 2024

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Jupiter and Degen prices surge as new meme coin’s innovations shake the market

Bitcoin slides to $25k as FTX reveals what assets it holds

  • Jupiter (JUP) and Degen (DEGEN) experience significant price swings.
  • Kangamoon revolutionizes crypto with innovative SocialFi and Play To Earn features.
  • Kangamoon’s presale sees huge success, raising over $3.9 million with $KANG token selling at $0.0196.

Jupiter (JUP) and Degen (DEGEN) cryptocurrencies are pulling back after witnessing significant price movements.

However, as investors anticipate the next moves for JUP and DEGEN tokens, innovations like Kangamoon are reshaping the landscape attracting the attention of traders and investors alike.

Jupiter (JUP) tests $1.83 before pulling back

Jupiter (JUP) has been on a rollercoaster ride in recent days, experiencing both highs and lows.  

After reaching an all-time high of $1.8363 on April 1, the price has corrected slightly. It has dropped by about 12% today sending shockwaves among traders.

Nevertheless, despite today’s price drop, Jupiter (JUP) remains up 160% in the past month.

The surge above $1.83 was fueled by the initiation of CWG’s budget proposal, currently in the voting process.

Analysts predict further bullish momentum, with projections suggesting another 12% increase to $2.00.

However, caution is advised as the RSI indicator indicates potential overbought conditions, which could lead to a price correction.

Degen price remains volatile as it pulls back

Degen (DEGEN) has experienced remarkable growth, shooting up to $0.0644 on March 31, before retracing slightly.

Despite a recent 15.87% drop, Degen is still up 158.88% over the past month.

The recent surge in price followed the launch of the Degen Chain network, which recorded $100 million in transactions within five days of its launch.


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