Saturday, 25 May 2024

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March 2024 Work Progress Report: Bitcoin Payouts for Pyrin and Karlsen, Server Updates

March Work Progress Report 2Miners

March Work Progress Report 2Miners

New Server for Pyrin

In response to the increasing interest and demand for Pyrin (PYI) mining, we’ve upgraded our infrastructure by expanding our servers for both PPLNS & SOLO pools. This enhancement is aimed at providing a smoother and more reliable mining experience for our community.

Furthermore, we’re thrilled to announce that Bitcoin payouts are now available for PYI mining! Setting up is straightforward; miners simply need to use a BTC wallet address in their mining software in place of the Pyrin address to receive payouts in Bitcoin.

Pyrin currently stands as the most profitable coin on, making it an attractive option for miners seeking optimal returns.


Bitcoin Payouts for Karlsen Mining

Expanding our payout options, Bitcoin payouts have also been introduced for Karlsen mining. This feature is designed to offer greater flexibility and convenience for our miners.

To take advantage of BTC payouts for Karlsen mining, users should set a BTC wallet address in their mining software where the Karlsen address would typically be entered.

Karlsen miners can access the following:

Multiple Node Updates

Maintaining our commitment to providing a top-tier mining platform, we’ve conducted several updates across different cryptocurrency nodes. Here’s a summary of the key updates:

Ergo Protocol Reference Client 5.0.20

The latest Ergo Protocol has seen significant enhancements with the release of the 5.0.20 client. This update addresses critical aspects such as binary auto-publishing, ergo-core module documentation, and concurrency bugs. Additionally, improvements have been made to the chainSlice API method, demonstrating Ergo’s commitment to providing a stable and efficient mining environment.

Neurai (XNA) 1.0.4

Neurai’s network stability and security take a leap forward with version 1.0.4. This update introduces crucial checkpoints, updates to testnet configurations, and optimizations aimed at bolstering the network’s performance. Such changes are essential for maintaining the integrity and smooth operation of the Neurai ecosystem.

Neoxa – v5.1.1.4 – Smartnode Payouts

Neoxa’s latest version mandates an update crucial for supporting smartnode payouts, enhancing network reliability. This update underscores Neoxa’s dedication to ensuring a seamless experience for node operators and miners, reinforcing the network’s overall stability and performance.


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