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Algotech’s third presale round commences, with over $3.5m raised so far

Algotech’s third presale round commences, with over $3.5m raised so far

Key takeaways

  • Algotech has concluded its second presale round, with more than $3.5 million raised so far. 

  • The project seeks to provide AI solutions to the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading.

The Algotecth presale has been moving smoothly and it recently set another important milestone. Investment in the project continues to grow as the broader cryptocurrency market looks to surge higher in the coming weeks. 

What is Algotech?

To understand why investors are buying into Algotech, you need to understand what the project is and the solution it offers to users. 

Algotech is a cutting-edge decentralized algorithmic trading platform designed specifically for the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading. According to their whitepaper, Algotech’s platform comes with advanced algorithms and machine learning features, helping traders to navigate the complex crypto markets efficiently, precisely, and accurately.

The project is introducing AI to the cryptocurrency trading space. With Algotech, traders won’t deal with the limitations and challenges associated with manual trading as it has a robust infrastructure and sophisticated trading strategies.

Algotech’s algorithms are fast, smart, and accurate, ensuring that traders get to execute precise and consistent investment strategies.

Why should traders use Algotech?

The cryptocurrency market has been bullish since the start of the year, with the total market cap now approaching $3 trillion. As more retail and institutional investors enter the market, traders need to have an edge to enable them to take advantage of the growing capital. This is where Algotech comes in.

The Algotech platform’s advanced algorithms analyze assets across over 1000 unique data points to identify the next breakout opportunities. Its algorithms also ensure that traders can make split-second entry decisions for high-precision trading.

However, a major feature that sets Algotech apart from other trading platforms is the risk-taking measures it has in place. Algotech reduces risk for traders by monitoring market funding levels, availability, liquidity, and spread. The AI-based trailing stops also ensure that traders manage their risk better and protect their trading capital. 

Algotech leverages AI to enable traders to identify arbitrage opportunities in different asset pairs and take automated…

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