Friday, 12 April 2024

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Bitget Wallet Secures the Top Spot Globally in Swap Transactions, Surpassing MetaMask

Bitget Wallet Secures the Top Spot Globally in Swap Transactions, Surpassing MetaMask

Victoria, Seychelles, March 29th, 2024, Chainwire

This week, Bitget Wallet recorded unprecedented highs in its weekly Swap order volume, with 388,757 transactions processed — almost 68,000 more than Metamask — and claimed the top global position. The 7-day swap trading volume is a crucial indicator of a platform’s liquidity and user trust. High volumes reflect strong user engagement and an active trading environment, underscoring the wallet’s prominence and reliability in the market.

Bitget Wallet’s emphasis on exploring new assets and opportunities in the Web3 space drives its increasing trading volume. The wallet has listed several new tokens that are trending on social media and DEXs. Bitget became an early mover in the market by listing some of the most viral Solana and Base meme coins that have experienced heightened demand from the wider market. The wallet launched trading pairs for BONK, BOME, and SLERF early on in the market, allowing its users to capitalize on the token’s remarkable gains in the bull market.

“Trading has always been a core demand of users in the Web3 space,” comments Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet. “Continuously improving our overall user experience and assisting users in discovering and trading new assets is our goal. The steady growth of our Swap trading volume is a testament to our efforts, indicating that users recognize us for who we are – an optimal wallet for trading, and we reciprocate this by continuing to invest and innovate in our trading features moving forward.”

The wallet also consistently adds advanced features to cater to its experienced traders. Its Swap feature integrates complex trading tools, including smart money tracking and DEX liquidity aggregation. Additionally, its integrated smart money tracking features allows savvy traders to follow the investment patterns of successful investors, offering insights into potential market movements.

Bitget Wallet’s Swap feature also aggregates liquidity across hundreds of DEXs in the market, providing traders with access to the best available prices across multiple decentralized exchanges, optimizing their trading strategies for maximum efficiency and profit potential. With a user base exceeding 20 million and continuing to expand, the wallet’s achievements in its trading volume is testament to the…

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