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As Bitcoin steadies, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu pull back, EOS and rising AI crypto present fresh opportunities

As Bitcoin steadies, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu pull back, EOS and rising AI crypto present fresh opportunities

After a brief period of fluctuating prices, analysts breathed a sigh of relief after Bitcoin appeared to be holding steady for now. The coin’s stable price, however, played a spoilsport for memecoins Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), both of which witnessed a pullback. 

According to market experts, the recent events might be linked to the rising popularity of spot crypto funds which were launched in the US. After a long regulatory tussle over ETF acceptance criteria, these financial products finally saw the light of day and have attracted huge volumes of investment since January.

Among altcoins, experts are seeing bullish indications for both InQubeta (QUBE) and EOS (EOS). The two cryptocurrencies have drawn experts’ attention with their consistent growth. While Eos is a developer-friendly platform, InQuebeta is a crowdfunding portal for AI startups. 

What’s helping InQubeta generate global interest is its ICO gains, which recently crossed $12 million. The development has earned the token a place in some leading analysts’ list of recommended presales

InQubeta: Helping AI startups power through

InQubeta is a platform created to help startups leverage DeFI for business excellence. The platform facilitates investments through an NFT marketplace where startups pitch their projects and NFTs are minted from their proposals. The assets are purchased with InQubeta’s native cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token. 

With features like a deflationary model and a staking mechanism, it could be a good crypto to buy if people are interested in long-term holdings. 

Even after funds are raised, there’s a lot to do to ensure that a startup grows to scale. Given that future growth might not always be easy, startups can leverage InQubeta’s range of business development services to strive ahead.  The platform can connect with innovators from a diverse range of fields who can mentor startup teams or guide them through various challenges of the AI industry. 

The network can help startups market their projects well and ramp up their reach. For a better online presence, enterprises can leverage the platform’s social media communities. 

There is also a team of advisors ready to guide startups in case of a finance or accounting-related problem.

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