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Altcoins Still Piping Hot: If It’s Too Late To Buy Pepe or Doge, Who’s Up Next?

Altcoins Still Piping Hot: If It's Too Late To Buy Pepe or Doge, Who's Up Next?

Welcome to the memecoin arena – the fast track to wealth creation. However, investors must find up-and-coming gems or risk becoming exit liquidity for other early buyers. All memecoins follow a similar path: presale, DEX listing, and finally, a CEX listing. Where is the best place to buy? As early as possible.

Is it too late to buy Pepe ($PEPE) or Dogecoin ($DOGE)? Who’s up next? Instead of targeting multi-billion dollar market cap memecoins already listed on tier 1 CEXs, investors might want to consider going after the small-cap gems, and those who know how to buy new crypto before listing have a massive advantage.

Too Late to Buy Pepe ($PEPE) or Dogecoin ($DOGE)?

Nobody can debate that the best time to buy $DOGE was in early 2021, and the best time to buy $PEPE was in early May last year. Both already have multi-billion dollar valuations, and sure, investors can hit maybe a 2X/ 3X on these tokens, but who is in crypto for a 3X? It is the bull market, and people want to dream a little bigger.

Dogecoin is already ranked among the top ten cryptocurrencies, and Pepe ranks in the top 50, having recently hit a new ATH. The early gains are gone, and the best cryptocurrencies to buy could now be those currently storming their way through the ranks. A new cycle means new market leaders, and snagging a 100X gem means diving into the trenches and wading through presales.

Who’s Up Next? Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)

Among the most promising contenders to come from nowhere and become a smash hit is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). Currently in its presale, this token is only available to investors who know how to buy new crypto before listing. Still, anybody can learn by participating. But what’s convincing some analysts that $GFOX might have that 100X juice?

Galaxy Fox has smashed the $4 million funding target, and the best historical indicator for presales is the ability to generate early momentum. By this metric alone, $GFOX is in an entirely different league. Its unique architecture and dual narrative support are powering this small cap’s early gains.

Incorporating a play-to-earn game into a typical memecoin with an ecosystem built on top has been turning heads. Galaxy Fox’s Web3 infinite runner is an open global competition between players, and those ending the season in the top 20% win prizes. NFT functionality has been included with all pieces of the…

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