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Memeinator Raise Passes $6.5M as Presale Nears Final Stage

Memeinator Raise Passes $6.5M as Presale Nears Final Stage

London, United Kingdom, March 13th, 2024, Chainwire

Memeinator is progressing towards the end of its ICO, having recently blasted past $6.5 million raised. Already in stage 19 of 20 and pricing in at $0.0276, the Memeinator team is optimistic that the presale is likely to sell out fast.

The Memeinator storyline outlines how it’s been sent from the year 2077 to rid the present day of derivative meme coins. This will be manifested in Memeinator’s upcoming ‘Meme Warfare’ game, where players embody the Memeinator as it blasts its way through enemy coins on its mission to scour the web of any coins it or the Memeinator community denounce as ‘weak’.

The official game launches beta tests in Q2, exclusively for early adopters. Head of Product, Marco Tonetti, recently shared early designs for the game in an AMA, showing the ongoing work taking place behind the scenes.

Tonetti, speaking on the latest developments, said: “It was great to be able to share some of the work we’ve been doing on the Memeinator game – we can’t wait to release a beta for community feedback. Our AMAs are always super fun and we like to sprinkle little bits of exclusive news in there too, so we always recommend dropping in. As our presale looks like it’s about to sell out, all focus is on the game development and upcoming public trading for the MMTR token.”

Memeinator (MMTR) is available to buy on the official site.

Harnessing a Die-Hard Army and a $90 Billion Industry

Memeinator’s community-centric focus has been a core part of its marketing strategy and no doubt helped propel the brand to where it is now – in the final stages of its presale.

The brand has involved its community in its decision-making process through interactive AMAs, competitions, and surveys. It now has over 160k followers across its core social channels, and the project has reached more than 15 million people, according to the official site.

The community has been involved in key decisions along the way, namely, the decision to execute an early start to Memeinator’s quarterly token burns. In December last year, nearly 130 million tokens were scrapped after a community vote. This cemented Memeinator’s commitment to deflationary tokenomics, and the team associates this with a surge in presale buys soon after.

Complementing this momentum is the GameFi industry itself…

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