Friday, 19 July 2024

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Crypto price prediction: BitBot, BabyBonk, Cryptex Finance

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Cryptocurrency prices were mixed during the weekend as investors focused on the upcoming US inflation data. Bitcoin remained slightly below $70,000 while Ethereum was stuck at $3,950. Tokens like BabyBonk, Cryptex Finance, and Rarible surged while others like Wen, Solama, and Coq Inu plunged by double-digits. This article looks at what to expect with BitBot, CTX, and BabyBonk.

BabyBonk price forecast 

BabyBonk is a meme coin that was designed with the inspiration of Baby Doge Coin, one of the top tokens today. It is a BNB token that aims to be a better alternative to Bonk, the fourth-biggest meme coin in the world.

In addition to being just a meme coin, the token has more utility such as an NFT collection of 1,000 unique cards. It also has a unique card game known as Bonk Royale that people can play and earn rewards.

BabyBonk price surged hard during the weekend, reaching a high of $0.000000000099, its highest point since March 4th. The token has soared above all moving averages and is nearing its all-time high of $0.000000000010. 

It has also gotten highly overbought, with the Relative Strength Index moving to over 100. The MACD indicator has also soared. Therefore, the outlook for the BabyBonk price is moderately bearish as some investors start to take profits. If this happens, the token could drop and retest the support at $0.000000070. It will then rebound as other cryptocurrencies bounce back.

BitBot prediction

Unlike BabyBonk and Cryptex Finance, BitBot is not a cryptocurrency you can trade for now. Instead, it is a crypto project that has moved to its token sale ahead of its launch in the public market.

BitBot is a company aiming to disrupt the financial trading industry. The developers are aiming to launch a Telegram bot that will send signals to thousands and even millions of users from around the world.

Unlike many other Telegram bots, this one will be non-custodial, ensuring that users retain their full control.

The other benefit is that it will be a decentralized bot, ensuring that the $BITBOT token holders will have a say in the network. They will be able to vote on key decisions and also receive part of the revenue it generates.

BitBot’s token sale is doing well as the developers have raised over $900k from global investors. These investors hope to benefit from the eventual listing of the token in the coming weeks. You…

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