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Solana faces investor exodus; emerging AI crypto aims to surpass Quant by the next Bitcoin halving

Solana faces investor exodus; emerging AI crypto aims to surpass Quant by the next Bitcoin halving

The Solana network recently encountered a significant setback, enduring a 5-hour outage that precipitated a staggering $3 million exodus of investors. The outage was attributed to a bug, triggering an infinite loop within cryptocurrency transactions. Concurrently, InQubeta (QUBE), a groundbreaking AI-focused crypto, sets its sights on surpassing the achievements of Quant (QUANT) by the upcoming Bitcoin halving

InQubeta seeks to transform the fundraising and community engagement dynamics for AI startups. This platform’s goal is to build a transpare­nt and inclusive investment e­nvironment that promotes empowe­rment, growth, and achieveme­nt for AI technology startups. Some cryptocurrency expe­rts foresee tre­mendous potential after this proje­ct’s launch.

Let’s examine why Solana faces a $3 million investor outflow and why InQubeta hopes it can surpass Quant in the upcoming Bitcoin halving. 

InQubeta: revolutionizing crowdfunding with AI ad NFTs integration

InQubeta is a pioneering crowdfunding platform that connects AI and crypto effortlessly, presenting promising investment possibilities. This emerging crypto aims to surpass established projects like Quant because of its unique features and outstanding presale performance. The presale of this new DeFi project has been making waves in the market, heading towards $11 million. In the eighth stage, the presale has sold over 856 QUBE tokens and raised over $10.9 million. 

This emerging crypto project presents the community with another avenue to benefit from staking QUBE tokens. By staking their tokens, inve­stors can earn rewards, as a portion of the platform’s 5% sale­ tax goes toward a dedicated re­ward pool. This unique approach encourages participation among toke­n holders and aids the advanceme­nt of AI technology startups.

On InQubeta, investors have access to diverse investment options, each minted as a trending NFT and fractionalized. This method accommodates investors with different financial capacities, offering an accessible and adaptable investment journey. Early backing yields financial advantages and enables investors to play a pivotal role in advancing AI technology startups.

The InQubeta trending NFT marketplace functions as a link, facilitating the connection between AI startups and prospective investors. By creatively integrating NFTs and…

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