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Synthetic Dollar Protocol Ethena Enhances Connectivity with Bitget Wallet Integration

Synthetic Dollar Protocol Ethena Enhances Connectivity with Bitget Wallet Integration

Victoria, Seychelles, March 5th, 2024, Chainwire

Ethena, a synthetic dollar protocol built on Ethereum, has officially integrated support for Bitget Wallet on its platform. This integration enables users to access Ethena through the Bitget Wallet browser extension and mobile app, facilitating token transactions, exchanging USDe, staking for interest, and participating in shard campaigns.

Ethena offers a crypto-native solution for currency without relying on traditional banking infrastructure. It also provides a globally accessible dollar-denominated savings instrument known as the ‘Internet Bond.

Alvin Kan, COO of Bitget Wallet, shared his insights on the collaboration: “Ethena has gained significant market recognition and attention, and we are delighted to partner with such a high-caliber project. This partnership aligns with our mission to provide users with access to foundational Web3 infrastructure services, offering a wealth of assets and opportunities to engage with the ecosystem. We are committed to enhancing the user experience and broadening the scope of possibilities for our users in the decentralized space.”

Guy Young, CEO and Founder of Ethena Labs, commented, “We are thrilled to integrate with Bitget Wallet on our platform. Bitget have been a core part of our protocol’s hedging strategy and they have a proven track record in providing key Web3 infrastructure, as demonstrated by Bitget Wallet.”

Furthermore, Ethena has been added to the DApp section of Bitget Wallet, allowing users to easily search for and access it on Ethereum network. With support for over 100 blockchains, Bitget Wallet delivers extensive Web3 services across various sectors. The wallet’s integrated DApp Browser boasts access to over 20,000 DApps spanning DeFi, GameFi, NFT, Bridge, Exchange, Mining, Tools, Social, and Loans. This integration simplifies the process for users to switch mainnets within their preferred DApps and keeps them informed about the latest and trending DApps with the dynamic “Hot Searches” feature, enhancing the overall user experience in the evolving digital asset landscape.

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