Friday, 12 April 2024

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Blast launches Ethereum L2 mainnet as attention shifts to Pullix

Blast launches Ethereum L2 mainnet as attention shifts to Pullix

  • Blast’s mainnet is now live, unlockiing billions of dollars in staked assets for users.
  • Pullix is days away from launching its native token PLX on top DEX and CEX.
  • Investors eyeing the hybrid exchange are aggresssively acquiring the PLX in a bonus presale round that ends on March 4, 2024.

As Blast, the Ethereum layer-2 network offering native yield for ETH and stablecoins, launches its mainnet, attention has inevitably flipped to the highly anticipated market debut for Pullix (PLX).

Blast mainnet live, unlocks billions of dollars in staked assets

Blast is an EVM-compatible optimistic rollups scaling protocol that offers up to 5% in APY to ETH and stablecoin holders who lock up assets on the network.

The project’s Ethereum L2 mainnet went live yesterday, February 29, unlocking nearly $2.3 billion in assets that users locked up since its unveiling in November 2023. With the mainnet live, early access users now have an opportunity to bridge and use decentralized applications (dApps) native on Blast, according to a post on X on March 1.

Today, $2.3 billion and 181,888 community members are released to the Blast mainnet. Mainnet users will continue to earn Blast Points, and mainnet Dapps will now be able to earn Blast Gold,” the team noted.

As the mainnet for the Blast L2 take off, crypto investors keen on potential airdrop opportunities are set to extend their farming. Blast is reportedly eyeing a native token, likely to launch in May.

In terms of airdrops, Blast will distribute 50% to users with Blast points, and the other half to dApps (Blast gold).

Pullix ready for lift off with PLX Launch

Pullix, a new hybrid trading and investment exchange, is moving towards the official launch of its platform. Ahead of this, the native governance and utility token PLX will go live on trading exchanges starting on March 4.

Just two days before PLX hits Uniswap. Per details on the presale page, less than 40% of the bonus round tokens remain. Investors who missed out on earlier…

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