Saturday, 20 April 2024

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First-ever ICO on Bitcoin excels as Marathon Digital reveals new layer-2 network

JasmyCoin rallies 295% as Bitcoin Dogs take the crypto stage by storm

  • Marathon Digital has unveiled two sidechains on Anduro, the new multi-chain layer-2 network on Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG), the first-ever BRC-20 ICO, has surpassed $5.4 million amid massive industry attention.
  • $0DOG presale ends on March 15, 2024

Bitcoin’s appeal as a blockchain network continues to grow with the launch of various applications that tap into its security, decentralization and reliability. Marathon Digital, one of the leading crypto mining companies in the world, is advancing this development via Anduro, a new multi-chain layer-2 network on Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Dogs, a new crypto project for GameFi and NFTs, has attracted remarkable interest after it launched the first-ever ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Marathon Digital unveils first sidechains of new Bitcoin layer-2 network

According to Marathon Digital, while Bitcoin’s strengths as a network would be appealing to any developer, its current functionality may not. The company points to the challenge developers may face in relation to scalability.

Anduro is a new programmable layer-2 network on the OG blockchain network that Marathon says will both serve as an application layer and help strengthen Bitcoin’s proof-of-work network.

The company unveiled the first two sidechains for this multi-chain layer-2 network – Coordinate and Alys. Coordinate offers a more cost-effective UTXO stack for Ordinals, while Alys is an Ethereum-compatible platform for asset tokenization.

Fred Thiel, Marathon’s Chairman and CEO, commented that Anduro has the potential to extend Bitcoin’s functionality and adoption.  

We believe in testing, iterating, and letting the market decide what ideas succeed. We believe Anduro is one of those ideas that provides value to Bitcoin holders and application developers, all while reinforcing the long-run sustainability of Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work,” Thiel added in a press release.

Last week, TRON founder Justin Sun revealed plans for an L2, outlining a roadmap he noted would help bring DeFi, NFTs and gaming to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin Dogs: Gaming and NFT platform on Bitcoin

Marathon revealed the first two sidechains on Anduro on Thursday, noting they are under development. The news coincided with the Bitcoin (BTC) spike to $64k.

Meanwhile, there was also a big move for new project Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) as its presale surpassed…

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