Saturday, 20 April 2024

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Eyeing Gold’s Throne? Filecoin & Emerging AI Altcoin Gear Up for Notable Achievements

Eyeing Gold's Throne? Filecoin & Emerging AI Altcoin Gear Up for Notable Achievements

Bitcoin (BTC) has been trending for days due to market-wide hype surrounding its upcoming halving event in 2 months. The token recently breached the $52,000 price, sparking speculations on the beginning of the long-awaited bullish run. In preparation for the halving, Bitcoin recently regained an ATH of $1 trillion in market cap. Since it hit this milestone, it’s almost like last week’s dip didn’t happen, as analysts reveal that BTC could be targeting gold’s position by the end of the decade. 

As cryptocurrency interest heightens, investors’ attention has been focused on Filecoin (FIL) and InQubeta (QUBE). On top of bullish prices, Filecoin recently partnered with Solana (SOL) to create a blockchain storage solution. Meanwhile, the viral AI token QUBE has enjoyed high demand during its ongoing presale event. According to investors, both altcoins are moving at such a rapid pace that it positions them for one of their biggest achievements yet. 

Let’s explore Bitcoin’s milestone market cap and the upcoming achievements of Filecoin and InQubeta.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Early Stage Performance Points To Incoming Milestone Achievement

Investing in cryptocurrency can take many forms and strategies. Many top investors prefer to buy promising tokens during the crypto ICO stage to maximize their profits. 

Speaking of profit, InQubeta is a fast-rising presale token, commanding massive demand since it went live in 2023. The platform’s vision is to deliver elite-level profits to investors, even if they’re amateurs. InQubeta plans to achieve this through equity-based NFTs linked to investments in the AI sector.

This approach gives it a superior advantage because it’s backed by the explosive potential of two multi-billion dollar industries of cryptocurrency and AI. These offerings have made InQubeta the best crypto to invest in for investors seeking to get into the AI industry, triggering a buying frenzy during the presale. Because of its high returns, investment opportunities, and fundraising efforts, InQubeta has attracted large investor attention, resulting in a milestone sale of over 814 million QUBE tokens.

The crypto ICO is set to increase in price across ten stages and has been hitting constant milestones since last year. QUBE has rallied by 220% from $0.007 to $0.0224. Investors who buy into the presale at its current discount…

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